1984/5 RX7 advice needed :)


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Need your help/advice pleeeeeeeeease

going to look at a 1984/5 RX7 non turbo T-bar tomorrow

have been told that a dvla check has confirmed there are only approx 40 in the uk but not sure how accurate this info is.

is there anything i check other than the normal oil, not smoking etc.

havent actually seen any pics of it yet but have been told floor is solid, slight rust coming through on arches etc.

just wondering if anyone knows of any major things to look for.

will obviously update thread tomorrow with more info and pics but any help in the mean time would be much appreciated.

if i buy it will be turned into a trailer to show car with a small amount of driving
Ok I should of worded it different. I meant to say did you get any more info? I know those engines are really complex so make sure it's running sweet as a nut before handing the money over. Is there much service history with it do you know?
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