1969 Mini Cooper Engine Swap


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So I am looking at getting a 1968 mini cooper. I heard that the original engies are not very reliable. So I was wondering what engine swaps can I consider?

I am looking for something with power but fuel efficiency Ie. 1litre turbo charged engine or something of the sort... I'm not looking for a super car but something that is nippy and fast...
There is a kit available for a Honda K series swap that will make it have a power to weight ratio equalling the straight 6 GTR's.

Here you go There are a number of videos covering the whole process and this is just one to get you started.

I saw this, the so called "V-Tec swap". This basically makes the car a super hot hatch, but I am looking for something a little more budget friendly.
These engines have lots of mods from stock have the valve seats done then you can look at all the little things from cams & springs to carbs & electronic ignition all will increase performance and reliability. |B
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