1965 Mustang Coupe [Charlotte thread]

Cottonwood heights, Utah, United States
65 Mustang 289 V8
Hi, it's Brian LoPrinzi. i just came into a 1965 Mustang Coupe (Charlotte) that i am soon going to set about restoring, and modding. i can't do it alone though, and being an inexperienced 15 year old car owner, I'll need all the help i can get. i just purchased the car, but i won't be getting it for another month or so, partly at my mothers request and partly because my 36'x18' garage has a 1993 Nissan Sentra in it that doesn't run and serves no purpose, a huge television and many other random things that shouldn't be there.

the mustang is a 289 v8 and it currently has no motor or radiator. i don't understand how the installation of an engine works; i understand that you attach hoses and wires from point a to b but i don't know how to choose an engine.
i could go original and install it straight, but i am more of a performance guy than a stock one.
i want the most powerful engine i can get, while keeping the price affordable for a one or two year project. i was thinking of buying a remake of the original 289 and then reboring it and getting larger heads, etc. but i don't know if it would be more cost effective to just buy a newer more powerful engine. after getting the engine itself, i was thinking of getting a supercharger and dual exhaust. it has the original three speed transmission. right now it is primer gray, but i don't know if the primer is covering a bad paint job or if it was a project car previous to me owning it.

i'm not quite sure what to do about the interior though. i want to give it an APC steering wheel and APC racing seats, but after that i have no clue what to do. i'll probably have to modify any modern parts i buy. the body has a radio built in surprisingly, and i'm thinking of putting in newer more powerful speakers, a new radio, installing AC which did not come standard (if i can manage it), and then reupholstering. what material to reupholster in?

this car is going to be absolutely stunning when it's done. i just know it.
thanks in advance for the advice and help. oh yeah, as soon as i am able, i'm gonna take pictures of the car and it's progression in status.

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