12 year anti perforation warranty issues?


Passat 1.9 Tdi
Is this you??
Is you car less than 12 years old??
Please read on.....................

The corrosion issue is very well known and well documented. There are several threads with hundreds of replies from members with issues exactly the same as yours on vwaudiforum and also UKPassats as well as other sites too.

In those threads there are links, there is a copy of the tech bulletin issued worldwide by VW on 06th Nov 2009.

Do yourself a huge favour and check it out......there are various recommendations for the procedures to contact VW, what to say, claim against etc etc......

If you suffer from corrosion / rust at approx the 12 o clock position on your vehicle and its less than 12 years old, there's a very good chance that it should be covered under the 12 year anti perforation warranty. The tech bulletin clearly states the issue and the remedy.
The bulletin clearly states Golfs / Jettas but Passats are covered too.........

I myself am currently fighting through this issue and have so far been asked to accept 70% contribution under their "Goodwill" which I have refused as I want 100% compensated for the issues caused by VW from when the vehicle was designed and manufactured from new.

Good luck

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