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hi im new here and am about to do a 106 gti conversion from a 1.1. i was wondering do i need to get new engine mounts and driveshaft or can i use the existing ones. my driveshaft is like a month old. i was wondering if ne 1 else on here has done it or not thanks RuS :D
90% sure you will need new mounts as the engines are so different in size..
New driveshafts, new gearbox, new clutch, brakes.. etc, etc..

You could keep some of these things the same but it wont be very long before you crash or they brake..
i reckon you should just get the GTi front everything, engine, driveshafts, hub assemblies and everything.

probably easiest.....and safest
You still need to convert the back brakes from drum to disk aswell.. I can't see the point! I'd just splash out on a GTi or a VTS, unless you REALLY wanted to go for the sleeper look.
whats a sleeper???? lol i have no idea

but yeah, probs best to just buy a GTi... unless theres a smashed one at a scrapyard
if i were you i would just buy a 106 gti and be done with it . and mod the engine on that . cause if you do an engine swap and something isnt quite right its buggered . or even worse u could crash and right off the car. so just get the 106 gti and mod the engine on that. if you want a sleeper look then dont change any of the body work or lights. and it will look sorta standard.
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