106 brakes


i've attempted to change the brake fluid in my gf's 106 1.5D (no abs) and i've got horribly stuck. i've bled brakes before and i've got a one man kit to do the job but this time it just wont work.

i first of all drained the master cylinder resovoir of old fluid with a syrengine and then topped it right up with fresh. i attempted to bleed the system through starting at the rr right drum but it just isn't pushing the fluid through.

i seem to get a bit of air and the occasional bit of fluid but not a constant stream when pumping the pedal. i've resorted to trying to the two man method to see if its my one man kit playing up but i can't get the stream of fluid i'm looking for. i've tried/done all the obvious things like making sure the resovoir is full at all times, bleeding the master cylinder and even the opposite drum but nothing seems to work.

i've only just purchased this car and it did brake before I attempted this but the pedal was a bit spongy and i don't think the fluid had been changed for a while hence why i decided to do it - after all i've done everything else like the cambelt, water pump, coolant, oil etc.

when pumping the pedal i've also noticed theres seems to some clunking from the linkage and when the pedal returns to the top the linkage (or something attached to the linkage) doesn't return with the pedal and clunks back after the pedal has already reached the top.

is it likely that this is going to be a master cylinder fault or a problem elsewhere? i've had the master cylinder off and cleaned it with compressed and washed and dried the resovoir. when assembled with fluid in the resovoir it only seems to pump fluid out of two of the ports (nearest plunger) when being pressed by hand. i can't see any leaks anywhere in the rest of the system. any help would be appreciated on this as i'm prepping it for mot next week.




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Do the levels change as you pump the pedal? A really daft thing but it can help with air bubbles.

Run a back massager over the brake pipes and the bubbles will vibrate out - but I think this is more than a simple airlock problem. Have you also checked the business end of the brake the piston/calipers for leaks or problems. I think the problem will actually be with the servo though.