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Hi, i have recently bought a smashed 106 1.1 S2 4 stud out a scrappies for my next project.
Going for a 1.6 16v conversion.
Starting with the brakes.
As most of you know it has drum bakes on the back. Will i need complete new rear axle of a 1.6 valver or just hubs or what so i can fit new discs pads and shoes.
Also, will i be able to convert the front with just calipers of a 1.6 valver?
Many thanks in advance, Phil.
Wouldn't like to guess about the rear brakes but I would have thought just GTi hubs with disks and calipers would be sufficient.

I also think that the front hubs would be the same for a GTi disk and caliper conversion, however these brakes aren't great. Might be better off going for some 206GTi 180 or 306 GTi-6 disks and calipers on the front.

You could try asking on a 106 owners club, but it might end up being suck-it-and-see.
Hi, thanks fro your response!
Would the calipers of te 206 or 306 fit on the 106 ok do you know?
I dont think i will be gon for excellent performnace just the gti engine with new cams, full exhaust and forced induction. Still suggest the 206 or 306 brakes?
Thanks, Phil
206 GTi brakes will fit fine. 306 GTi brakes will require some minor modding to fit, but very easy if you own an angle grinder. You will see straight away what needs to be taken off when you offer it up to the strut.

Those brakes would be fine for the set-up you are looking at.

Your engine mods sounds fine, by forced induction do you actually mean forced induction (turbo or supercharger) or do you mean an enclosed induction kit?

Also to run any decent cams on the valver lump you will want an ECU remap.
Just thinking about an enclosed induction kit.
The ecosse one maybe.

Have you any recomendations on cams? Ive heard kent cams and piper are good ones to go for.

Also, was just loking at brake hose kits and noticed they are different for the 1.1 and 1.6. Does this mean the whole hose from he front will need replaced or will i be ale to source an adaptor?

There is alot more envolved than i thought there would be!

Cheers, Phil
Anything from Ecosse will be overpriced.

The cheapest one you will find will be 'Simota' but is still very good quality. The Green and BMC ones are also good.

Kent and Piper cams are very highly rated, but so are Catcams.

I wouldn't have thought the brake hoses would have been an issue. It might be to do with different lengths of hose, or different connections at the calipers. I thought they were all the same though?! Wouldn't have thought the brake lines themselves would have been any different.. Maybe give Goodrich a ring or drop them an e-mail?

Where abouts in the country are you?
I'm up in scotland near glasgow.

I'm sure all cams would perform different with differnet engines. I'm looking for a 106 forum that doesnt cost 15 quid year! Do you kow anyone who has changed their cams on a 1.6 16v and how they have rated them.

After further research i have found omp brake hoses are different for the models but black diamond are hoses are not!
I'll give a specialist compay a phone.

Thanks for our help!
Yes, lots and lots people. Ask on the Saxo Sports Club or Saxperience. I have been in a cammed valver and they are very quick when mapped well.

Obviously you have cams which are more wild, but these can prove to have issues with emissions tests.
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