1.8T to a 2.0T engine conversion


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Deal, Kent UK
A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
Has anyone done an engine swap from the 1.8T to the 2.0T? Which engine would give the best power gain for the lowest outlay?

I'm still personally favouring the 1.8T unit but I'm happy for someone to convince me that the 2.0T is better.
theres been alot of problems at least with the 1st gen 2.0t where the high pressure fuel pump couldnt flow well enough for even a decent map alone causing missfireing at higher revs. this has since been rectified in the newer models . there was also issues with the standard cams lobes wearing extensivly even after 50k miles - unsure if this has been fixed.
still to hear of heavily modded 2 ltr engines or what the max on standard intenals can be run at.
remember the 1.8t started as a 150 model but was able to take 350 on standards over twice the power, theres also examples out there of a road legal 602 bhp at the wheels octavia and of course the mk2 golf with close to 700bhp of course this is with bore to 1.9

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