1.8T Sharan BHP upgrade options

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Sharan 1.8T Sport
Can anyone help me as I have VW Sharan 1.8T SPORT. With standard upgraded brakes & lowered sus. It produces 150BHP I think is claimed in the pack. Do these chip upgrade companies do a 'Sharan' version, as I'm often carrying 5/7 people & luggage and so weigh in far bit more than your wonderful Golf. So there fore I think I need more low down torque.
Cheers for any ideas.
The 1.8T engine map is fairly standard so most remap companies will offer an upgrade. Talk to them - a custom remap will give you exactly what you want. You will need to upgrade the diverter valve.

A turbo upgrade will also give a massive power gain in conjuction with a remap.
the engines are the same, maybe just a differnet engine code, as the golf bora.
Remaps are the best option with some companies showning 195bhp for the 150 engines
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