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hey just found out that i might be able to fit a inter cooler of an audi tt 225. which turns out might be a twin cooler rather than the standard fit vw/audi single core side mounted inter cooler has anybody tried this out

main reason is im looking at upping the boost and eventually the turbo ( only to a k04 probs as want to keep the car drivable as well as discreet in other words dont want a FMIC as a) its visible b) it saps the airflow onto the radiator , the car isnt run really hard enough to warrent the FMIC over the SMIC)

just want to know if anybody has a tt 225 can they measure the inter cooler and tell me the sizes and if it is indeed a twin core

many thanks in advance

Paul Garner
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Interesting tip. I'd like to know the measurements too? I suppose you could always fit it Impreza style and cut a hole in the bonnet if it is too big :lol:
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