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Escort 1.6, BMW 525
hi got me an escort 1.6 efi zetec, was wondering if rs2000 cams would fit?
What year is it? If its the MK6 then the answer is no. They are totally different as far as im aware. Had a 98 16 Si Zetec and was told that that engine was very unresponsive to any sort of tuning. So i wouldnt bother, unless you turbo it you will see very little gain for your money. Save your brass and drop a different donkey in.
Just thought I'd mention the Cambelt went on this car! only done 70,000 miles, oil change about 65,000.
Looked up on the internet and read about interference engine debates, as for mine, a friend took the engine apart for me and said it looked like the pistons had marks on them from where valves had hit, forgot how many pistons but there you go! That settles that :p
Oh its already been fixed :)
Bought an escort for £175 with a months tax, mot, got 1 weeks insurance and drove it to my mates where he swapped it over for me.
But yeah I was really pissed off when it went , I knew the belt on there was old so kept hoping it was something else.
When greenflag came, the first thing he did was recharge my battery (had a dodgy battery and thought what the hey might aswell listen to the stereo on full as im not going anywhere) looked at the cambelt cover and said "Oh it says its got a new belt on there so thats good" then I read the rest of it to him "New Belt: 4/10/04" hehe, the look on his face :lol:
I think he knew from then to get the winch out.

But yeah I just wanted people to know, as some say its a 50/50 engine if the belt goes, some say they are designed to not do any damage at all etc which gave me hope. But in my case, it done damage.

Oh, what also pissed me off was that I just put a full tank of sumpreme unleaded in it, done 18 miles then it went!
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