1.6 vs 1.6 TDCi


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ford fiesta 1.6 3dr
hello,wich is best the petrol or diesel.both 2007 models.im asking because i like the 3drs type and i cant find any 3dr petrol for sale but diesel models are all over.
i just found diesel torque the 1.6TDCi go from 66kw/204nm to 81kw/250nm using their product power box,is this the most power or thers other things to up the power more?
how deep are your pockets ?
you can still go down the petrol tuning routes just the same.
ie hybrid or bigger turbo, bigger injectors just for starters. just remember that diesels have alot more torque than their petrol equivalents so the clutch may need uprated

also dont go for tuning boxes get it remapped properly.
Yeah mine's a lot quicker than a Standard. It's 185bhp :twisted:

Not bad at all, about as quick as my GT in mild fettle (well, not for long lol). Luckily they're not as heavy as the rest of this recent breed of hot hatches. I'd have one, especially going by how good my ZS is, the ST can only be better!

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