1.4tdci is it worth it ?


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Been a long time member but tbh i have not posted much i would not know were to start with this modding , anyway can anyone please put my mind at rest ? is there anything i can do to a ford 1.4 tdci engine to give it a little more poke . It will never pull the skin off a rice pudding i know that but doing some reading on here it dose say diesel engines are good for modding but a 1.4 is to small an engine . Is it worth removing the cat and a stage one remap?
A remap would be my goto mod for this engine, you'll get a nice mid to peak uplift in power. I wouldn't bother removing the cat, this isn't really causing much of a restriction, the exhausts on these engines can flow really well as they are and I doubt you'll find an exhaust restriction even with loads of mods.

If you remap it would be worth dropping in a higher flowing air filter, the cotton gauze panel filters work quite well.
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What remap options are you looking at, there are quite a few to choose from and some are pretty good and others I wouldn't touch with a barge pole.
Just something that will give me a bit more acceleration but not stress the engine i think its called, a stage 1, a friend did say my cat would be gummed up because i mainly do short journeys
If you use good quality fuel and take it for a blast now and then it should be fine.

My mantra is :- Don't thrash a cold engine, don't switch off when it's just been at high rpm and make sure the engine warms up on every run.
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