1.4 mk5 suspension kit


New Eltham, London
2.3 Prelude
What's the cheapest i can get a full set of 35mm drop springs and shocks. I've been shopping around online a fair bit but have yet to turn up anything under 250. Help! Contemplating buying an rs instead of what i have.
I got pulled over the other day for one of those full stop and check things that takes about half an hour and one of the things he said to me was that my shocks needed replacing soon. So i figured I may as well put better parts on. Thinking I might just scrap the car now as no one wants to buy it! Lol.
Give it a good clean up and polish and I'm sure you'll sell it.:) (Unless it only has 3 wheels! :lol:)
if you want to lower it on the cheap, keep your old suspension but heat up the springs with a welder (take them off the car first) - they will then contract and so when you put them back on its lower - might not be the easiest thing to keep under control though.

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