1.4 mk4 black

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sorry to be the bearer of bad new but cost effective would be to sell it and buy something else.
sorry i know thats not what your wanting to hear but the mk4 is a heffer and most of the engines are heavily underpowered.

the 1.4 isnt the greatest engine to start with and improving it is going to be expensive and not yeild much in the way of gains.

i would say save for an engine swap and fit the 1.8t but by the time youve bought
the engine
got it coded and fitted then you would probably just have been as cheap selling it and buying the 1.8 to begin with.
cheers for replying but i'm 17 and i can't run anything more than a 1.4 i'm just looking for acceleration gains and i nicer sound, so do you think all i can do is make it sound faster?
induction and exhaust will make it sound like its faster. but to be honest youd be spending a fortune to actually make go any accelerate quicker.
not to mention the increase in insurance premium for what you get back.
one option would be to strip out what you dont need. spare wheel and tools, boot carpets and sound proofing, engine covers and sound deadning. itll not be much to the point youll probably not notice it but it might make a small difference

there was a guy on the mk4 forum that was turboing the 1.6 - more or less the same engine as the 1.4s - last i seen he had it running, wasnt exactly reliable if i remember and only made around 140bhp

like i said in my 1st post its not what you want to hear but id save your money and save for a new car when youve got a bit of NCB.

some nice alloys - more weight however so will accelerate slower, nice little drop and an induction kit if you want a little noise, and tint the rear windows. and id leave it at that .
yeah i understand where you're coming from, now i'm considering new springs and brakes to make it handle better, i will spend plenty of time thinking but your input is much appreciated, i'm hoping to make this car last a few years so i think i will make it a running project
id concentrate on the handling side of things as you say
decent suspension, better brake pads - wouldnt say you really need the 312mm upgrade, and a rear anti roll bar to help with the understeer.
i was thinking of adding these parts over time depending on how long i keep the car, Volkswagen Golf Golf Mk4 1.4-1.8 (-30mm) High Performance Lowered Full Suspension Kits Uprated Shocks And Lowered Springs

Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.4i Hatch Sportex Cat Back Race Exhaust Performance System with Twin 3 Inch Stainless Tailpipes

Green Air Filters: Single Cone Induction Kits


and then my pads and discs need replacing soon so i will look into good performance pads
sounds good, the exhaust and induction kit will only make noise.

for pads i recommend fedora ds2500 pads, although they are classed as track pads they are very good for fast road applications
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no the 1.4and 1.6 was available in both 8 and 16v versions. the 16v were slightly higher compression if i remember correctly
more power, downside is fuel needs the higher octane ie super otherwise you run the chance of knocking and the engine retarding the timing resulting in a loss of power.

is this a 1st car ? only reason im asking is the wife has the 1.6 16v and its a lard barge feels gutless and weighs a hell of a lot for a small car.
with the 02 you should be fine on gearboxes however as the earlier ones were rivited together and did come apart
ye its my first car its had 2 other owners has 80000 miles which is good for a 2002.I have only taken it for a test drive but I was pretty impressed with its acceleration compared to the car i was driving a toyota corolla saloon (NEVER BUY ONE ).

Any advice on how I could improve performance?
Any advice on how I could improve performance?

honestly, save your money. trying to increase the performance of the 1.4 is going to leave you with a hole in your pocket. keep it well serviced and save for another car or engine. As soon as you say mods and a new driver your insurance will go up as well. so youll be paying for a part and insurance for something that does next to nothing apart from make noise or look good.

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