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My 1.1 106 engine has done 80k and i'm thinking about upgrading to something more powerful...
I'm thinking maybe a GTI engine from a 206? Way too ambitious?
If so how much work would be involved with a 106 GTI or saxo VTR engine?
Cheers for any advice!
I think the best and easiest and cheapest option would be to go out and buy a saxo Vts. The work involved in doin a conversion is massive and would be very expensive. I'd sell the car you have now and go an buy a saxo vts.
The work involved isn't that bad at all mate. Aslong as you have gone for an engine that will fit without having to have engine mounts made, then you can do it in a day easy. My red top turbo conversion on my Vectra only took 6 hours to do a complete engine change and about 3-4 hours just fiddling and wiring. Don't by a VTs or VTr as i have a few mates that all have them and have no end of problems.

A good engine conversion to think about for your 106 would be either the GTi engine as you said, the 1.9 8v GTi engine from a 205 or if you want to be really daring, go for the MI 16 engine from a 405 or 309. Dont think about the T16 engine as that would be far too much power to weight ratio that you would never get grip.

As far as the buying a Saxo goes, you would be waisting your money on 2 things, A) they constantly go wrong and B) no point in buying one when you can drop the same engine in your 106 as they are exactly the same chassis underneith. Found this out when me and my mate were doing a suspension on both a 106 and a VTS. Messed our heads up to begin with as we thought they'd sent the wrong parts lol.

Any further advice, just ask as i'm fairly knowledgable when it comes to cars ;)
Why not just go buy a 106 Gti then. Surely a car that came from the factory with with an engine intended for it, It's got to be better than chucking an engine in yourself? If you put an Mi16 engine into a defenceless little 1.1 surely you'd have to ugrade the suspension the brakes the steering rack etc the list goes on and i'm sure the bills would mount up. 106 Gti's are fairly cheap these days and with all the mods you'd have to do to yours you'd have prob spent more than a decent second hand Gti...
yeh ist down to cost though. You can pick up a GTi engione from ebay for about £300 upwards where as a whole car would be twice if not 3 times that. As far as the other engines i suggested, it depends how far he wants to go. I just through some examples out there as I know of a couple of peeps who have done similar conversions. Obviously if a big engine is bought then he'd be silly not to upgrade everything else. But as said, depends on how far he wants to go really ;)
It's not just sticking in the engine though. You've gotta upgrade the brakes, the suspension, the exhaust etc. Personally I'd go for the 106 GTi and sell the 1.1.
I'd agree there for sure. If you only want something as big as the gti engine then just buy the car as the other guys said above. But like I said, depends how far you wanna go... :)

Personally If I was gonna do a hot-hatch pug, i'd buy a gti and then do the MI16 or T16 conversion, leave the outside totally standard apart from wheels and the ride height and then go pouncing on supercars hehe
Despite the mixture of emotions you'll feel from doing an engine conversion the money you'd save doing the swap yourself you'll need to definately upgrade the brakes and suspension too ,which will eat in on the amount of money you've saved and then the insurance, if you can get it will be prohibitively high on such a project.

I always like the idea of engine conversions though - and if its going to be for off-road use you should do it for the experience!

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