'07 shock replacement


Omaha, Nebraska USA
2007 BMW Z4 3.0i
Hello, as a proud owner of a modest 2007 BMW Z4 3.0i roadster that I just bought back last November, I have totally fallen in love with the car. Unfortunately, I had not ever considered a BMW and knew nothing about them when by chance I test drove this one and knew in my heart that his was exactly the type of older sports car I was looking for. In hindsight I probably would have held off and bought an M model or even the iS but that is water under the bridge and I am completely dedicated to this little gem for the rest of my driving days as they are numbered due to a previously broken neck in several places, but that is a whole different story. All I want is to be able to drive my short distances here in town and I will never be seeing any track days or even long distance trips of more than 20 or 30 miles at the most.

What I do plan on doing though is replacing the shocks as my BMW mechanic told me they are pretty well worn and since there is such a vast number of upgrades, I am kind of lost as to which to choose. My criteria is pretty simple. I do not want a rougher ride due to my neck condition so any harsh high performance suspension upgrades really do not apply to me. I would simply like to have nice working shocks and if there is an upgrade that will not produce a much harsher ride I would be greatly appreciative to hearing about them. Actually, any suggestions as to possible upgrades would be very much appreciated.

I am devoted to this car even though the 3.0i leaves less room for performance upgrades and I am ok with that. I do not want to sell and buy another Z4 as in all honesty, this car is more than I had ever hoped for and I am grateful for it. Thank you for taking time and reading this thread. Hope everyone enjoys their Z4s as much as I do. Thanks.

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