07' mkIV gti


sorry about changing up its a mkV 2.0t not IV mixed up my numbers by the way im new here and im looking for some ideas i dont know too much about cars but i want to learn and also learn about high/top end brands of aftermarket parts and also what kind of things are good to add to it ive got a little while to come up with ideas before i actually do it but i would like some information maby some recomendations on what some of you guys use and/or prefer for your cars and dont worry about how much something costs like i said just ideas to get together for when i get back home thanks in advance hope to hear from some soon
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hey and welcome
if it was a MkIV ad have told you to instantly bin it as its a waste of time, 2ltrs and only 115bhp. dont know much about the the Mk5 whats the standards on it ?
Hi and welcome - its great to have you along. The 2.0T are too new for me to have seen someone play with it. I guess a remap is the best option.

What are the base power figures on it?
well its 4 cyl 6 speed turbo i think its about 200 whp ish, uhm aprx 208 lbs torque i believe those are fairly along the right lines but its completely stock right now and like i said dont know much yet but trying to learn any more questions just ask and ill be able to find it out thanks
yeah thats about right for the turbo. sorry i thought it was the NASP 2ltr engine

start with an uprated diverter valve save replacing t when it does eventually split. forge seem to have done well with the 1.8 diverters have a look here for the 2.0 turbo version
then get on to remapping. your looking at possibility of 250bhp and close to 300ftlb torque.
if your lucky enough to have the edition 30 engine then you could be looking at more as the engines are around 230bhp to start with and stronger internals
Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. I'm quite interested in these new VAG engines from a tuning point of view.
im also wondering i understand that you recommended forge for the diverter but is that also a brand recommended to get most of my other aftermarket parts for my car as well? just looking at different things and its hard to see who really has a good product because obviously their all going to say oo i do! so is there any brand someone would recommend to look into for any specific parts? thanks again
there silicone pipes are also supposed to be high quality.
yeah everybodys got the best no matter who they are. like a lot , you get what you pair for

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