04' EX Build Advise


2004 Honda Civic EX
Hello All, new member here. I'm looking for guidance on my 04' Civic EX sedan needing some major repair work. The head gasket is blown (I think) causing 3 misfires and a check engine light. The thermostat fluctuates erratically as well as the heater and A/C. The clutch is also worn out and the transmission probably needs new syncros. I'm evaluating whether to fully rebuild the stock D17A engine with some basic bolt-ons to maintain reliability and fuel economy, or hold out and do a swap of some kind. The 7th gen Civic doesn't seem to be a very popular platform for tuning and swaps. Anyone on here have experience tuning/ rebuilding D17's? The car has about 170k miles on it and the body is in very good shape. I bought the massive Helm factory repair manual recently and I'm not afraid to take on the work myself. Thanks for reading and I appreciate your feedback.
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Do an engine swap, it will make more power, be only a little more work than changing out and stripping and rebuilding the engine. There are some nice turbo kits around for the D17 ;)

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