1. B

    Which tire should I get for a classic GTO?

    I saw that 4wheelonline is offering a lot of options for my car. Any advice on which tire should I get for a 1967 Mustang GT500?
  2. A

    Tyre wear

    Hay, i got 1995 toyota starlet gt and i have wide alloy wheels.recently i noticed the inner edge of the front right side tyre is highly weared .im using trd edge-stable shocks.can somebody tell me what is the wrong with my wheels,shocks...etc.Thanks and im waiting for your advises brothers. cheers.
  3. PeterPan

    Magnesium wheels and unsprung weight?

    hello everybody, I've just been offered a set of refurbished magnesium alloys for my project car. I have been considering buying a second set of wheels and tyres however the wheels I've been offered are 6J rather than 5.5J (still waiting to confirm OEM offset) now I realise that's not a huge...
  4. M

    Passat negative cambers?

    Hi everyone, I am really new to modifying cars and I love the "hellaflush" looks on cars with cambered wheels. I've a Passat 1.9 TDI that I'm looking to get cambered, where do I start/what do I need for it? Thanks, one love (8})
  5. S

    Custom Hub Flanges

    Good day all; I have a bit of an ambitious long term plan for the brakes and wheels of my '02 MG TF and it all pins on having custom flanges with a different wheel pattern fabricated. I am tentatively planning on moving to larger, 2-piece brake discs all around (280mm by 22+mm vented up front...