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    HELP can’t find power upgrades for VW

    I need help. I have a 2019 VW Passat Wolfsburg Edition 2.0 EA 888 Gen 3b. I’ve been trying to find power upgrades, I think it has the same engine as the Audi A4 b8? But I’m not sure. I am hardly able to find an ecu, let alone an exhaust or power upgrades. I really have a lot I want to do to this...
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    Hello! Just wondered if anyone had any experience with the VW code 00290? I have the code 00290 coming up. The code reads: ABS wheel sensor rear left - static - short circuit. I can reset the code and but comes back on. The light isn’t always on. I have replaced the ABS sensor and no luck...
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    VW TDI Upgrades

    Hi all, have decided to put together an engine based on probably a 130pd 1.9 tdi, has anyone any reccomendations for aftermarket cams, pistons etc? Thanks
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    Hybrid Turbos

    New to the forum So I have a 2005 VW Bora 100pd, when I bought it it had a 130 turbo and injectors and was mapped to 180 by a very reliable company. I have now a fmic fitted and a 150 intake manifold and egr delete which are not yet on the car. I would like a minimum of 210 bhp and am looking...
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    Turbo for 1.6 petrol Passat (1999 release)

    Hey! I've not so recently bought a Vw Passat B5 1.6 74kw petrol and noticed It's weak acceleration along with high fuel consumption (unless I give it around 3k rounds before releasing clutch then it gives some kind of speed start). So I was wondering is it possible to setup a turbo thing for...
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    Passat negative cambers?

    Hi everyone, I am really new to modifying cars and I love the "hellaflush" looks on cars with cambered wheels. I've a Passat 1.9 TDI that I'm looking to get cambered, where do I start/what do I need for it? Thanks, one love (8})
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    Tuning newbie

    Hello everyone I'm Martin from Northern Ireland, just managed to get myself a VW Passat and it's in need of a new turbo so I thought I might as well buy a higher performance one, but, I am not completely sure yet what else I need to get installed along with a more powerful turbo? Could anyone...
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    MoT advisory

    I've had my car back from MoT. Pass but couple of advisories. Does anyone know what these are: 1. Suspension arm has slight play in pin/bush offside front (front bush) [2.4.G.2] 2. (slight play in steering rack inner joints). No 2 worries me. Does this me a whole new steering rack is required?
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    Will mk6 golf steering wheel fit?

    Hi, I've been looking around at some steering wheels and I wanted to know if anyone can shed some light into how difficult it is to change my stock 4 spoke steering wheel to a 3 spoke multi function mk 6 steering wheel. My car is a Passat b6 (07). The first image is how my steering wheel looks...
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    Should I remap or not?

    Hi all, this is my first post and I just wanted to get some opinions on whether i should remap my car. It's a Volkswagen Passat B6 1.9 tdi and has done 245,000 miles. It runs and has been maintained very well, always topped up with premium fuel and serviced 1-2 times a year. Thanks
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    Ultimate 1991 vw polo project

    I would like know if it would be possible for me to fit a 1.8 20v golf engine or even a peugeot engine in my 1991 vw polo mk2f coupe, If not what kind of engines and gearboxes would possibly fit it it and how difficult would it be, Thanks