1. S

    Hi ford smax tdi

    Hi everyone such a good site. Never owned a diesel before but it’s great fun now I’ve had it mapped, just trying to find out what after market stuff fits really struggling only ever owned golf’s lol also wouldn’t mind people looking over the map printout so I know if it’s good or not. Cheers Sam.
  2. B

    audi a4 b7 2,0 tdi clutch

    hi everyone, i would like to change the turbo on my b7 2.0 tdi 140 hp to the one on the 170 hp and get a remap after. looking to get around 190-200 hp. will i need to upgrade my clutch somehow, or will the standard one be able to handle it? i dont plan on abusing it
  3. J


    I have a 2013 Passat TDI SEL that I am loving and tinkering with as i get more familiar. I am contemplating swapping in a FMIC. Curious if anyone has done this and if so what brand/model did you go with. Found my A/C condenser has a hole so I figured I'll replace condenser and mount the...
  4. P

    VW TDI Upgrades

    Hi all, have decided to put together an engine based on probably a 130pd 1.9 tdi, has anyone any reccomendations for aftermarket cams, pistons etc? Thanks
  5. J

    exhaust system for a 1.6 TDI is it worth it

    I'm thinking of shelling out in the future and getting a exhaust system upgrade to for my mk 6 golf. But I'm not sure what style or type to go for. I'm new to this as you can primly tell so please.. do be gentle. Thanks
  6. M

    Mk5 bxe help

    i have a bxe 105 just installed a solid flywheel conversion kit aswell as a 150arl turbo i have 130/150 injectors here also but the remapper said he can max the turbo with standard 105 injectors... should i install injectors or just leave it? Thanks in advance
  7. Teenager2413

    Audi A3 turbo issues

    hello everyone long time no speak I now have a beautiful little A3 2.0tdi 140bhp S-line Quattro i love it However the turbo , in the only way to blew up !!! I removed the old one and as I hadn't had the car long it is covered under warranty , so know after many our of blood sweat and tears I...
  8. M

    2003 Passat maintanance.

    Hello everyone, could you guys tell me what sort of checks I should get carried out when taking my car to a mechanic in order to keep it running for as long as possible, or what I can check for myself with a basic dummy knowledge of diesel engines? It's a 1.9, 101bhp, almost 190,000 miles (!)...
  9. C

    Audi 3.0 TDi

    Hi I have an Audi A5 Cabriolet 3.0 TDi turbo diesel, I've done a re-map on the ECU and now looking to improve the performance even more, can anyone suggest anything worthwhile doing to squeeze more power from this wonderful engine!

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