1. I

    Just bought a 2013 mk2 ford KA 1.2

    Hi im new here but I have just bought a 2013 KA for my first car and im looking to just do a few little things to it but having trouble finding parts made for this car. Im looking for a set of coilovers is I want to drop the ride height as it sits very high at the moment and has alot of body...
  2. A

    AshBD EP91

    Hi all, I m owner of 1997 Starlet EP91. Though it is not my single car but I own this almost 15 yrs. Now I want make some upgrade to my lil car. What can be done modestly nothing too crazy? Guys need your opinion.
  3. orca1911

    Peugeot 206 suspension

    Can anyone recommend a good suspension kit for a 206? Currently the car behaves like a boat and i would like to change that. I own a 06' 206 1.6 HDI (110hp).
  4. V

    Newbie : Proton Iswara LMST 2004

    Hi all. I'm a newbie here. As per the thread title above, I would like to have opinion from others who maybe know about Proton Iswara LMST 2004. I know that this car is not a top notch car but just an average car just for a bachelor in Malaysia (specifically) to have. I know that I might be...
  5. M

    Passat negative cambers?

    Hi everyone, I am really new to modifying cars and I love the "hellaflush" looks on cars with cambered wheels. I've a Passat 1.9 TDI that I'm looking to get cambered, where do I start/what do I need for it? Thanks, one love (8})
  6. H

    MoT advisory

    I've had my car back from MoT. Pass but couple of advisories. Does anyone know what these are: 1. Suspension arm has slight play in pin/bush offside front (front bush) [2.4.G.2] 2. (slight play in steering rack inner joints). No 2 worries me. Does this me a whole new steering rack is required?