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    First gen sF 2000 forester

    Hey I got a 2000 Subaru Forester L with a eJ25. 300k put a brand new radiator the next day head gaskets went out. So I am planning on rebuilding and Turing this first gen into the sleeper she’s ment to be
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    Performance Parts for FB20

    Does anyone know where I can find FB25 engine performance parts? I own a 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Limited with the 2.5 engine. I am constantly struggling to find parts. To date I’ve installed: Crawford Billet Power Blocks Takeda Cold Air Intake Nameless Axle Back Exhaust Tune by Xtreme Racing...
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    Greetings to all

    Hi, I'm Joe, from Hungary. I drive daily a 2008 Subaru Legacy GT! Still stock but I have a plenty plans to do with.
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    2017 Subaru Legacy Limited 2.5L performance

    Have any of you on the forum made performance enhancements to the engine of your Legacy (2.5L)? If so, what did you do and what were your impressions of the modifications you made? Are "performance chips" or "performance programmers" of any validity in increasing performance of this engine?
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    Legacy Preparation

    So i have my ej25 in my 99 legacy with only 6000 miles on it (previous owner got it replaced at almost 200k) and i want to put a turbo on it in the future, what could i begin to do to prepare it to be turbo ready? /should/ i even try to put a turbo on my subaru? I have a beginner to moderate...

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