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    HELP can’t find power upgrades for VW

    I need help. I have a 2019 VW Passat Wolfsburg Edition 2.0 EA 888 Gen 3b. I’ve been trying to find power upgrades, I think it has the same engine as the Audi A4 b8? But I’m not sure. I am hardly able to find an ecu, let alone an exhaust or power upgrades. I really have a lot I want to do to this...
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    BMW 316i e90 '06 adding power

    Hello, kinda new here and was wondering how to add some easy extra hp to a small 1.6 l n45 engine in an e90. I have no turbo and I probably plan to add a supercharger. I just want some tips about this car, like how to add power. I would appreciate all feedback :D
  3. K

    2001 civic 1.6

    Hi I'm from the UK and I have a civic VTEC 1.6 bit of a bashed up granny mobile but comes alive when you put you foot down lol, really want to do some mod for more power/performance better handling and breaking, but I want to keep it sleeper-ish any advice tips etc would be grateful thanks in...
  4. L

    It's not all about the peak power....

    Everyone loves big numbers, 300bhp, 400, 500! POWER!! But it's not always about peak output, often the space under the curve is the important part. The Mighty Car Mod boys recently built a Nissan Fairlady with an RB32 engine. Should achieve 350kw, iirc, (about 470bhp). But when they took to...
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    My name is cris My current location is Central Pacific coast. Just north of puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I'm a pround owner of a 93, dodge ram 350 cummins turbo diesel dually. Its been a life long dream. To have a good working truck that moves! A haul-ing tank is what I call it.. I...
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    Fiat punto mk2 2003 1.2 8v

    Hi everyone I have joined this site as i was wanting some help and advice on turbocharging my fiat punto mk2 1.2. I understand that it isnt something that is usually done which is why i want to do it, i'm looking at using a ej20 turbo and really just want help and advice on what to do or where...
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    Audi 3.0 TDi

    Hi I have an Audi A5 Cabriolet 3.0 TDi turbo diesel, I've done a re-map on the ECU and now looking to improve the performance even more, can anyone suggest anything worthwhile doing to squeeze more power from this wonderful engine!
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    manual 95 prelude h23a or auto 03 eclipse gt

    Im trying to decide which car to get and start my tuning project on but i want the input of others, im kind of leaning more towards the honda because of the transmission but what do you guys think i get more overall hp from with a good engine build?

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