newbie help wanted

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    Audi A6 2.4 turbo. 2014 engine replacement

    Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum, I searched for an answer in existing threads but didn't find any, so: I currently own an Audi A6 2.4 turbo. 2014 but the engine has completely died on me. My dad wants to get rid of it but I don't because it has sentimental value to me. He said that if I...
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    Hello! Best beginner cars?

    I'm pretty new to the jdm scene, but I've liked how they've looked since before I knew what they were. I'm going to a local Cc For two years before transferring out to a school a little ways away from home. In those two years I want to try and save up some money for my own car to daily so I...
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    Need advice on first civic buy

    Hey i have a daily Volvo XC70, but recently i got into car culture and would like to get my hands on honda civic 6gen as i heard they are quite easy to work on. My current budget would be 3.5k max and then i would not have enough capital to work on it for some time, so it should be already quite...
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    Ford Mondeo Zetec 2L 1999

    Hello everyone, I've done a lot of light modifications in the past, suspension systems, air filter, exhaust, new wheels; and I am looking to getting into modifying my new car, my Ford Mondeo Mk2. Does anybody have any experience with the car or the engine, and any tips or ideas on what I can do...
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    Any way to rid "Pseudo-Gears" on a B17 Sentra?

    Hello all! As my first post I pose the question of "How can I rid the pseudo-gears on my '18 Sentra's CVT?" From my (arguable small) amount of research it seems nearly impossible to tune and/or modify the gearin ratios of Nissan's infamous CVTs, so I bring the question to you, my friends. Is it...
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    Mk1 tt 150 hybrid set up ???????

    Hi all, new to this site and hoping someone out there can help me. I purchased a 1.8t lump some time back and have spent months on its rebuild. It's started life as a 180 Aum and now has had a lot of cash thrown at it. Full steel bottom end, ported and flowed head, 550 injectors., high pressure...
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    Hello everyone! I have a Renault 5 c from 1985 as my first car and could use some help with some mods!

    Hey everyone. I have a renault 5 as my first car. Im looking to modify some things (maybe if possible make it a little bit faster and reliable). If you have any tips or experience on an r5 or in general please let me know. So i can maybe start my car-journey with a little headstart.
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    Advice needed

    I have a horrific roommate who owns a Chrysler 300 and I want to know how to completely kill it WITHOUT any evidence or proof of sabotage. If I can do it so that his car slowly breaks down and even after he spends hundreds or thousands of dollars, uselessly trying to fix it, it would be even better
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    Hey There!

    Hi All! I sure was happy to find this forum, I've been at my computer all day researching upgrades for my car, and it's been a little frustrating how much contradictory information is out there, so a non-profit based source of information is much needed! A little about me and my car, I started...
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    New car guy (370z owner)

    How's it going everyone. So I've been really getting into cars lately and I've recently bought a 2017 Nissan 370z touring. I have some money I'm saving up for some starter mods as the car is completely stock as of now. The first thing I was looking at was exhaust and I'm having trouble deciding...
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    Hey guys I'm new to this forum, I drive a Hyundai Getz sport 1.6, this is my 3rd car and the only one I've wanted to do a bit of work on, I don't have extensive knowledge about cars but know enough to make some modifications,I'm interested in adding a turbo and possibly lowering my car since it...
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    Newbie alert

    hi all, as you have gathered I am new to this site having found it during knowledge gathering on engine tuning. I have a GBS Zero (7esque) car with a stock 2.0lt zetec with iTB's mapped and producing around 180 BHP. It would appear that what I am going through (search for more horse power) is...

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