1. J

    Newbie here!

    Heya! My name is Jurgen, i'm 18 y/o and kinda new to the car scene. I own a '98 mazda 323f (BA) 1.5glx And I am looking for ways to tune and improve it, if anyone has any idea's or tips, let me know! - cya!
  2. N

    Of Probes and plans

    Adding to the few Ford Probe posts here. This time I'm just gonna be talking about mine and all the fun stuff I want for it. Plan to throw up some quick info on these cars since the web is a little lacking later on. Got a 93' "SE" 2.0l l4 DOHC, manual transmission. Thing was all but abandoned...
  3. M

    MX6 No-Start Condition

    I'm in the process of learning because I can't afford another expensive mechanic bill at the moment. Anyway, my Mazda MX-6 has a no start condition. It recently had a bunch of work done to it including the timing belt, cap and rotor, and a bunch of things related to the cooling system and...
  4. JokeMazda


    Hi guy, first time i sign up on a car forum :) I just have my first car and i its decent car for the first one :) I got mazda proteger 1.6l 2001 Whit a shiny and gold paint from the factory. I dont have a lot of rust so that nice:) but i decide too have fun whit it and slam it just for fun :) I...
  5. Atheist

    Atheist's Mazda

    Looking for hints and tips as I continue to personalise my 2010 MK2 Mazda 6 Sport 2.2D. So far I've managed to add: Eibach lowering springs (-30mm from standard) Custom stainless steel dual exhaust DTUK performance chip - so she now pulls about 220 horses 50% complete internal illumination...
  6. I

    06 mazda 6 what should I do?

    I want to mod the engine to add power, what should I do first? How much potential do these cars have? Mazdas are not in my field of familiarity sooo I need help.
  7. I

    Hello Challenge Welcomed

    :p First and foremost I am not very happy... My baby was totaled and I was out lots of money. I'm most familiar with American muscle(first car I ever drove was a 70 Charger with a blower, I told my dad I wanted a car like Dom's dads, 2fast too furious, so we built it!) and I also like European...

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