1. V

    Frod Mondeo MK4 diesel engine starts poorly when cold

    When starting, the car revs up for one second, then immediately dies. It seems as if the car can't get fuel. After trying to start the car 20-30 times, it finally starts normally. The problem occurs only when starting from cold, i.e. the next morning after stopping, the problem repeats. Starts...
  2. M

    Milky oil stick & loss of power S3 8L

    Hello All, I have an Audi S3 8L. Just before Christmas the cam belt snapped when the water pump seized, I spent a bit of money and had it re build - head sent off for skimming, new gasket etc. It drove better than ever afterwards however 850miles in and I have lost all power, the MAF sensor is...
  3. jbrickman0000

    Charging engine intake air (negative ionization)

    About two years into the project thus far. (Cannot upload pix or link here yet, am very new, but many thanks @obi_waynne , for the invite to post this.) Negative ion generators are lately quite common in air conditioners, air cleaners, and other devices; these charge millions of air molecules...
  4. bax

    Black Smoke

    Hey guys it's been a while , My question is this . Is there any way an Engine head can cause black smoke ?? The car is a 2005 Ssangyong Rexton 270Xdi diesel , common rail no DPF and the EGR system has been disabled and blocked .. The issue started after fitting a used engine head , ever...
  5. C


    My name is cris My current location is Central Pacific coast. Just north of puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I'm a pround owner of a 93, dodge ram 350 cummins turbo diesel dually. Its been a life long dream. To have a good working truck that moves! A haul-ing tank is what I call it.. I...
  6. C

    Engine swap into the rear of the car

    I am wondering, would it be possible to do an engine swap where the original engine is removed and the new one is put into the back of the car? If so what is the best way to start going about it. The car doesn't need to be road legal.
  7. I

    manual 95 prelude h23a or auto 03 eclipse gt

    Im trying to decide which car to get and start my tuning project on but i want the input of others, im kind of leaning more towards the honda because of the transmission but what do you guys think i get more overall hp from with a good engine build?
  8. N

    peugeot 206 1.4 engine swap?!

    Will the peugeot 206 gti (think its 2ltr) engine go in place of the standard 1.4 206 engine? I am an apprentice mechanic and i was wondering how much to price the job at, the person is willing to pay a lot! and will there be a need to make any alterations to anything at all? thanks for your help!
  9. Racer75

    Camshaft Replacement

    Hi folks The camshaft in my project car is trashed and I'm looking to renew it, but without paying £600 for a professional (on a real budget) and its the sort of hands on job I would like to be able to do. Has anyone renewed a camshaft before and would be kind enough to pass on any advice (such...
  10. R

    Yaris engine swapping

    I am working on my first car and I was wondering if anyone has successfully swapped a fast engine inside of a small yaris sedan? Im looking into making my car fast and I could use any advice or tips into which engines I should check out or if its even possible.

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