engine swap

  1. M

    Vw polo 6r engine rebuild or swap

    Hi people so i need some advice. I have a VW Polo 6R 1.4. Im in a catch 22 where its hell expensive to rebuild the engine and to replace it. If i do a engine swap what will you recommend as i know there will need to be modification but i want the engine with the least. I dont care about the...
  2. P

    VW Polo 1996 Engine Swap

    Hi everyone, new to this page. Just picked up a 1996 MK3 Polo 6n with the plans to originally sell on a make a quick profit but I’ve always had a soft spot for them so deciding to keep it, currently has a 1.0 lump in it, looking to put something else in it, done some research and looking to put...
  3. T

    91 honda hatchback si

    Hey im new here i have a civic hatchback si 5 speed I want to build a radical k motor with twin turbo's . any suggestions
  4. S

    Swapping a Peugeot 206 2ltr HDI engine to a 406 2.2 HDI

    Hello Guys I've been driving my Peugeot 206 2Ltr (90bhp) HDI for about a year now and have fallen in love with 206's. However, it doesn't have enough power for my liking and was wanting to give it a meatier engine but also keep some of the economy since i can drive up to 100 miles a day for...
  5. orca1911

    Transplanting everything from a big car to a hatchback

    This is a rather complex question to be asking it as plain as im trying to do here but regardless, is it possible to take everything from a "big block" car and put it into a hatchback of the same car brand without having too many issues? The idea is to take the bigger engine with its intake...
  6. A

    AshBD EP91

    Hi all, I m owner of 1997 Starlet EP91. Though it is not my single car but I own this almost 15 yrs. Now I want make some upgrade to my lil car. What can be done modestly nothing too crazy? Guys need your opinion.
  7. B

    Hello, 99 LEXUS GS300

    Bigqdone here from VA, looking to do an 2jzge to Aristo 2jzgte swap. Any recommendations on tuning shops transmission rebuilds near Alexandria VA?
  8. C

    Engine swap into the rear of the car

    I am wondering, would it be possible to do an engine swap where the original engine is removed and the new one is put into the back of the car? If so what is the best way to start going about it. The car doesn't need to be road legal.
  9. Z

    Newbie with a '93

    Hi All! I Drive a 1993 Vauxhall Astra California (Mk3 Phase 1) with a little 1.4l NA engine and have a few things planned. However, I'm not entirely sure where to post everything so it may take a while for questions and queries to reach their appropriate topics! Main Intentions: -Revive old...
  10. W

    Fiat punto mk2 2003 1.2 8v

    Hi everyone I have joined this site as i was wanting some help and advice on turbocharging my fiat punto mk2 1.2. I understand that it isnt something that is usually done which is why i want to do it, i'm looking at using a ej20 turbo and really just want help and advice on what to do or where...
  11. N

    peugeot 206 1.4 engine swap?!

    Will the peugeot 206 gti (think its 2ltr) engine go in place of the standard 1.4 206 engine? I am an apprentice mechanic and i was wondering how much to price the job at, the person is willing to pay a lot! and will there be a need to make any alterations to anything at all? thanks for your help!
  12. R

    Yaris engine swapping

    I am working on my first car and I was wondering if anyone has successfully swapped a fast engine inside of a small yaris sedan? Im looking into making my car fast and I could use any advice or tips into which engines I should check out or if its even possible.