1. T

    Need advice on first civic buy

    Hey i have a daily Volvo XC70, but recently i got into car culture and would like to get my hands on honda civic 6gen as i heard they are quite easy to work on. My current budget would be 3.5k max and then i would not have enough capital to work on it for some time, so it should be already quite...
  2. K

    Gen Z don't mean D-Gen(erate) k??

    Well maybe a little bit.. but I swear I'm not like the rest of us I'm totally old school I promise... I just have this tendency of walking out without a word if I come in the morning and I start feeling like the 'vibe is off' My name's Cole, or KR7. Either one is fine. Been doing my rounds on...
  3. Z

    Building a D16y8

    So to start off, I'm not looking to swap, I want to keep the d16y8. What type of performance upgrades can I put in the engine? Like performance camshafts etc. Also wondering what brands are reliable for these types of upgrades? Any help is appreciated.
  4. T

    91 honda hatchback si

    Hey im new here i have a civic hatchback si 5 speed I want to build a radical k motor with twin turbo's . any suggestions
  5. K

    2001 civic 1.6

    Hi I'm from the UK and I have a civic VTEC 1.6 bit of a bashed up granny mobile but comes alive when you put you foot down lol, really want to do some mod for more power/performance better handling and breaking, but I want to keep it sleeper-ish any advice tips etc would be grateful thanks in...
  6. H

    04' EX Build Advise

    Hello All, new member here. I'm looking for guidance on my 04' Civic EX sedan needing some major repair work. The head gasket is blown (I think) causing 3 misfires and a check engine light. The thermostat fluctuates erratically as well as the heater and A/C. The clutch is also worn out and the...
  7. A

    Hello,I need help with my Civic cvcc 1980

    Hello friends,I'm from Costa Rica and I have a Honda Civic 1980 wagon EM1 1500cc, I need help because I had an overheating problem and the engine blow out,I can't find another one here because they're pretty rare so I need to make an emergency swap but I just don't know which is the best engine...
  8. O

    honda civic ek b16a intake manifold and throttle body

    Hi I have a ek with a b16a sir Jdm swap into it and this week I have bought a skunk2 intake manifold and a skunk 2 70 mm throttle body and I'm about to install them . will I need a tune for these or everything is alright ? will there be an disadvantages to this mod? the car at the moment is a...
  9. K

    Toda Rep header

    Hello guys, I own a Honda sir b16a 1999. I found some cheap toda replica header which I have my eyes on I've read some reviews about them and there are all positive. The thing now is that I don't want to remove my A/C or put a slim fan. On 1320 website(the manufacturer of the header) claims...

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