1. M

    Hello and B38A15M0 Engines

    Hello, I recently purchased a 118i with many luxury features. I resisted the temptation to upgrade to the m135i, choosing this model for its versatility. It has the Mini Cooper B38A15M0 engine, which I adore driving. It's also manual which is great for car control. So I really feel I got a good...
  2. J

    BMW 116i E87 2005

    Hi guys, new here from the Cayman Islands . I have a 2005 116i with an n45b16a engine which was meant to be swapped out for a k24 Honda engine but due to an accident I’ve had, now have to sell the k24 and am opting to up the performance on the n45 until I am able to swap something else into it...
  3. M

    M57D30tü2 problem

    Hello. I have a e60 lci 530d. Tuned somewhere about 300hp/650Nm When i start to accelerate from 0. it is very slowly gaining rpms. And when it hits 2500rpms it almost snaps my neck Now i am stuck with power loss at low rpms. P3263 unknown trouble code. I have checked boost leaks. There...
  4. B

    M51d25 tuning

    Ideally need to know abit more about tuning the original pump, I ha e fitted the gt2556v turbo I also used a td5 wastegate actuator to recognise positive boost pressure. Problem is I get huge flat spot when boost comes in. Unless I use every mod. All good and well but you can only do blasts with...
  5. U

    Which bmw 4 series?

    Hello I’m new here and I’m looking to upgrade my car to a bmw 4 series 2014 and above I’m looking to modify it quite heavily and I was just wondering is there a typical model like the 435d or 430d etc, which is the best to modify ?
  6. sayed

    hi from bmw driver in lebanon

    hi my name is sayed from lebanon. i like old bmws. first of all thank you to the site admin for the useful info about engines and tuning. my father had an old 2002tii when i was a kid that i loved. i had an e30 with 2.5/2.8 liter stroker engine and schrick cam. very fun car but you keep fixing...
  7. Racer75

    Boost Pressure Question

    Good evening all, I have recently completed my project of fitting an Eaton supercharger to my e36 323i. My SC is on the A/C side and uses an Intercooler. This is then fed through a BOV then into a MAF and finally into the intake. The boost gauge is hooked up to a fitting before the BOV and runs...
  8. N

    BMW Series 3 E90 318i

    Hello, I have BMW series 3 E90, 318i 2007. Engine has been "generally" rebuilt, new timing chain, valves, kept same pistons but replaced piston rings, rod bearings etc.. However I am considering building a turbo in it. I do understand this is not the best and the strongest engine, but I doubt...
  9. S

    BMW 318d b47 turbo upgrade and tuning

    Hello everyone, i am new here, as i am searching on the internet and not finding much, i decided to ask here,... i want a boost in power little bit stronger than just chipping it to 190 bhp, are there any turbo kits thet give more power, or is it possible to fit a 325d turbo to my 318 d, i know...
  10. T

    Introducing ME and this BMW E36 Touring 318TDS Project!

    :cool:Hello dear Torqueheads. My name is Oliver. I have to say that first of all: for years i've been throwing money at some older BMW's, petrols, because 6-in-line and 90's iconic styling hmmmm... fun and joy? or adoration and thrills rather maybe.... Me i am a...
  11. T

    BMW running, misfire issues, black spark plugs HELP!

    Looking for some help with my 116i F21. I have had the car remapped now for maybe 3 years and have had multiple issues with misfiring. First time it happened, coil pack seemed to resolve the issue. The next, ECU repair. The next I send the ecu back for repair again, no issue so coil pack +...
  12. S

    Rob from Nigeria

    Hi guys, I'm Rob. I'm a BMW Enthusiasts and a race car driver in Nigeria. My race car is a BMW E30 318iS, our series uses the M42 engine. Nice little 1.8 engine, no forced induction, custom ECU or independent throttle bodies allowed. Hope to learn and share the little I know here. Are there any...
  13. R

    Hello from France

    Hi everybody ! Im from Nice, France , Cote D Azur i have bmw E90 320si 173hp i realy NEED :) make it 275 or 300 :) :) ;) for that reason I make my recharge Thank you
  14. B

    BMW E36 1995 Instrument issue.

    Hey, so I have a BMW E36 1.6 1995, sometimes when I'm driving on the road the instrument on the car just drops and stops working, so I can't see how many km/h I'm driving, and all of a sudden it just starts working again, sometimes it can go for 500km without this issue. I hope someone in the...
  15. JayNo

    BMW 218d Turbo Upgrade help

    Hello everybody, I’m just after some help on deciding what turbo to use for my BMW 218d Coupe M sport. The car serves its purpose but it has become boring to drive now! I’m just after something a bit more powerful than the original, nothing too crazy! I’ve looked at the Garret GTX2867R Gen...
  16. A


    Hello, my name is Alex Davis. I have a 2001 BMW 325CI. I was wondering how many people on here have acquired the knowledge to do a rear mount low boost turbo setup. I was thinking of doing a 35mm turbo, wastegate around 6-7 lbs of boost, bigger hpfp and 35lb injectors, and an oil scavenge pump...
  17. J

    Hola from Barcelona

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum which is full of good stuff ! I wanted to share a couple of pics of my F80 and also keep you posted on the coming mods. I come from the E92 and purchase the F80 almost 2.5 years. I now have +65.000 in the odo and the car is still going strong... no issues to report...
  18. Olley

    E30 general discussion/techy stuff

    Anyone else on here with an E30 3 series? Share bargins, hints and tips.
  19. M

    Newbie Tuner

    I am a Newbie tuner and I agree to abide by the forum rules. I am from Texas and I have recently bought my first BMW and I must say that it is a fun car to drive. Its a 95 525i stock. I am currently replacing the head, but I have this desire to make it more aggressive. Before bolting on the...

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