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    Lightened flywheel for alfa 159 2.4

    Hi guys, New to the forum and my first post. I have an alfa 159 2.4 q4 and upgraded the intercooler, the air filter, deleted the egr and dpf removed. It's been remapped and now running around 250bhp but the clutch is now on the way out. Anyone have a recommendation for a) an updated clutch and...
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    Alfa MiTo Saab Aero

    G'day from New Zealand. Confused ? Me ? Nah, just have a love for talk and torque. But whadda you reckon, I have a little 2010 Alfa Mito, 115kw, 155 horses in old school, uber fun on a curvy mountain road, passes most with ease on the highways, but I also have, and it's the longest I have ever...
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    Giulia Quadrifoglio Exhaust sound, Revs, Fly by

    Hi everyone, what an angry exhaust sound they have made, check it out!
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    video - Giulia Quadrifoglio vs 911 Targa 4 GTS

    hi everyone, one of our friend visited us with his 911 Targa GTS and we took him for a ride with our Quadrigfoglio, here is the footage:
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    Tuning The Alfa 156 2.5 V6 sport 3

    Ive bought a Alfa v6 so i think ive Lost my alfaginity and i have done some mild fine tuning, i want to improve the handling further but i dont want any insane wings or to lower her further Black facelift 2003 full recaro leather interior 2.5 v6 manual fwd tuned with remap 210 bhp custom built...
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    Engine conversion help needed

    Hi guys, I have an Alfa Romeo 156 wagon and want to do an engine swap, would you recommend a v6 or a v8 for such a conversion and which engine would you recommend? Also, I would like to make it awd as it is currently fwd, if I swapped in an awd engine would this make this easier rather than...