air filter

  1. S

    Air filter not fit pipe into engine

    Hello, Adding some upgrades to car. Audi A5 1.8tfsi cjee. Ran in to small problems. The k+n air filter is too big for the stock adapter that connects to flexible pipe to engine. When I ordered it the vendor claimed it would fit. K+n e-1987 air filter. audi 06h 129 638 b -Adapter part ref. 80...
  2. jbrickman0000

    Oil-less washable air filter for stock Chevy '98 V8?

    I ran K&N for a while, and then my Mass Air Flow Sensor died and I had to replace it -- and there was this thin layer of red dust on its inside. Didn't like that at all. I've found a few makes of oil-less washable air filter, but none which seem to fit my stock air intake. Anyone got a...
  3. jbrickman0000

    Red dust on mass air-flow sensor?

    A month or three ago I replaced the mass air-flow sensor on my '98 Tahoe. Improvement was clear. What shocked me, was the thin layer of red dust on one side of the mesh and on the fine wires in the middle. My air filter to that moment, was a certain common brand known for red color and...
  4. H

    Air filter change

    Am I jumping the gun here. This filter has covered 8000 miles and looks like this. I have replaced it. Should I have left it longer?

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