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    Need performance Advice for Gen 4 Mazda3 Turbo

    Howdy guys! As the title says I am a proud owner of a gen4 2.5 skyactiv-g turbo engine. Although the 250 horsepower and 320ft-lb of torque are nice, I need more. I'm considering getting the Burger Motorsports JB4 along with it's stage 2 intake, however I'm not sure whether it offers the best...
  2. A

    20' Plate Aygo Tuning

    Hi looking for some advice on tuning my brand new Toyota Aygo. It's a 1.0l in-line 3 cylinder, 72bph and 93Nm torque at 4,400rpm. First time tuning and upgrading so looking for some basics tips and advice and best brands to go for. Already had a look at TorqueCars website and there's a good...
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    2001 civic 1.6

    Hi I'm from the UK and I have a civic VTEC 1.6 bit of a bashed up granny mobile but comes alive when you put you foot down lol, really want to do some mod for more power/performance better handling and breaking, but I want to keep it sleeper-ish any advice tips etc would be grateful thanks in...
  4. Z

    MK3 1.4L - I want some power back!

    Hi All, Title says most of what I need help with really. My car has not even reached 60k Miles yet and has Most of it's service history (Even a stamp book from the original owner) but it does seem to feel at least half of the 24 years of age. I'm aware there are some basics to be done (Oil was...

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