206 gti 2.0

  1. OriginalVirgo

    206 1.1 to 2.0 gti 180

    So i am wondering whether to swap engine, ecu, suspension etc or just but a factory 180gti? I see on autotrader that the 180's are only about £1,500 and not knowing how much individual parts would be, or a donor gti, plus the work involved and insurance hike,it seems like the factory one wins...
  2. T

    What to do to a 2.0 206 GTI

    Hi, Im away to buy a 2.0 206 GTI 140, the car is basically stock apart from a slightly upgraded exhaust, what should i first do to upgrade performance wise? I read up a cold air intake gives decent power improvements. Any advice welcome ☺ Thanks TJ