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  1. Aerial Andy944

    DIY alloy wheel What could go wrong

    Making an alloy wheel out of a steel one. What could possibly go wrong :lol: Like the Russian way of thinking, "that's close enough, I say screw it" .V(
  2. Aerial Andy944

    Engine Carbon Clean. Worth it?

    I've always put a bottle of BG244 or Archoil6400 additive in my Golf every year and felt this was sufficient for the miles I do which is about 4k - 5k a year. Is a carbon engine clean that much better and how so? Just curious as going to be giving the old girl a pamper after 14 years and 66k...
  3. Aerial Andy944

    Diesel may not be dead after all

    Impressive results if they're correct
  4. Aerial Andy944

    Modifying cars could become more difficult Article on Garagewire about mechanics who modify vehicles beyond emissions regs could face unlimited fine but ultimately it's still down to the driver to make sure their vehicle is...
  5. Aerial Andy944

    Fuel your car at home

    Nice idea, not sure I would ever need it but I can see how some drivers or companies would. On demand electric charging, say while you're at work, I can see a huge potential
  6. Aerial Andy944

    Electric charging points

    Will coffee shops be mandatory also as all I can see is a lot of people standing around waiting for there cars to charge up :lol...
  7. Aerial Andy944

    Could AdBlue conversion technology save diesel

    Interesting developments going on to try and save diesel engines
  8. Aerial Andy944

    One for Os

    Found myself looking at this. What do you think Os, should I join the Saab ranks :rolleyes:
  9. Aerial Andy944

    Insurance for 17yr old

    My eldest daughter is 17 in December:woot: We're actively looking for her first car now to learn in as insurance companies don't want to insure her on my gp16 modified Golf. We've been offered from a family friend a Clio and insurance have said this model is fine and learner insurance would be...
  10. Aerial Andy944

    Hows your project going?

    Just wondered how all your projects are going. Do you have a progress chart like this?
  11. Aerial Andy944

    Parts indentification - Sleeper or Moff help?

    So I've found in back of my garage this box of parts from my old Skyline and I know they were taken off when I had the Apexi induction hard pipe kit fitted. I really would like to know a)What the various bits are called b)Do they all go together and c)Do they have value. @SLEEPER and @Moff You...
  12. Aerial Andy944

    camless engine

    This article popped up this morning. Any thoughts or more info
  13. Aerial Andy944

    Remap time at last

    I've won a free remap on a facebook competition :woot: So should I get this DPF EGR delete at same time? I know about the MOT thing which put me off before but my MOT guy is not worried and many many people rave about the difference it makes. My DPF light is on quite often nowadays as it seems...
  14. Aerial Andy944

    Thinking of a brand new car? Thinking of buying a brand new car? This might make you think of what options you put on it
  15. Aerial Andy944

    Don't text and drive video

    Porsche has released a new video with Mark Webber. Will it make people change their habits?
  16. Aerial Andy944

    Sonos Connect and Play1 speaker

    Link to my business page with details of a brand new Sonos Connect unit and Play1 speaker that were ordered for an customer installation I did but were not required in the end. Selling at trade price :)
  17. Aerial Andy944

    Battery information

    My battery on my Primastar is not holding as much charge. It's the original one fitted in 2005 so I take it it's done well. Question is I understand the 80ah starting bit and to get one same dimensions but what does the other information mean. I see a CCA rating ranging from 600 to 800 on...
  18. Aerial Andy944

    New insurance app

    Reading about this insurance app Any thoughts, especially from our insurance sponsors. I already use a Mivue dash cam that records all GPS, speed and g force data. This app seems to say it will automatically send data and start filling in the insurance forms instantly...
  19. Aerial Andy944

    Ford Mexico stolen

    Video of a classic £120000 Ford Mexico
  20. Aerial Andy944

    New Mondeo thoughts

    Went with my Father in Law to test drive the new Mondeo yesterday. Thoughts? For all the hype of BMW quality and all I wasn't struck on it. Drove the petrol 1.5 ecoboost Titanium. 160hp but it sounds very course over 4000 revs, was gutless until you got to those revs and then it was lets say...