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    Pontiac GXP

    OK -- looks like that's disabled until I do 10 posts.
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    Pontiac GXP

    oops! It's a Pontiac G6 GXP. Can't we edit our posts?
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    Custom exhaust for my G6

    I have a '09 G6 GXP (LY7 -- 3.6L V6). Is there some way to make the exhaust sound more 'robust'? I'd like it to have a nice rumble (louder and deeper sound). I'm guessing a different muffler -- which one? Or, I've read that I could remove the resonator (and replace with pipe).
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    Pontiac GXP

    I recently bought a '09 Pontiac GXP. It has GM's LY7 engine (3.6 L) for my daily-driver. I would like to customize the exhaust; it's lame, and I'm hoping to give it a more robust sound. Also, I'm planning on customizing the audio system.

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