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    TURBOCHARGING (c20let)

    i found that the astra coupe pistons drop the compression really well too.
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    Z20let firmware map

    Hi Guys, its been a while. Has anybody got a ph2 or ph3 firmware map for me please. Thanks a mill once again.
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    Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done?

    managed to break a valve, half through the head, other half into the piston.
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    Project Estate

    Thanks, have to show what 8v power can do.
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    Project Estate

    Current Build I Cant wait to boost this one.
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    Project Estate

    Current Motor in Astra
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    Project Estate

    lol, will post some pics after this weekend
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    Project Estate

    After doing just about all i can to 160 estate Normally aspirated (95kw) i have decided to go 1 step further, Almost finished my 2 lit 8v Gsi Motor, Will be bolting the turbo kit on as soon as i have run it in (1st 1000 km) Will be posting pics soon,
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    F15 on 2Lit GSI

    im dropping a 2lit gsi into my astra 160i. it has a f15 garebox but want to keep the same box, how can i modify the 2lit flywheel to take the 1.6 clutch kit, Cant put the 2lit clutch kit because the F15 bell housing is to small, Thanks a mill.
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    270Deg cam and turbo

    i have a Astra 160ie and i'm in the process of turbo charging it, it currently has a 270Deg cam in it, is it ok for me to keep that cam in or will i need to get a standard cam, 270 is a very mild cam so i'm not sure if i will get overlap or not with it. Thanks a mill.
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    astra 1.6 turbo?

    hi Guys, I'm wanting to turbo charge my astra 1.6 8v (it has the c16se motor). i want to boost between .5 and .7 bar, would putting 2 head gaskets be good enough or will i need a space plate as well. Thanks a mill,
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    astra estate 1.6 turbo?

    Hi Guys, i got an astra estate 1.6 with a c16se motor in it, i want to put a .5 - .7 bar turbo onto it, i'm just a little concerned about the con rod's, i will raise the head to drop the compression but will the standard con rods be okay, and how much should i lift the head. Thanks a mill
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    Your Take on Water/Meth Injection On N/A Motor

    thanks, you saved me a small fortune, was looking at putting one on.
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    Hi there

    that i can see, i have so much to learn.
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    Hi there

    Thanks, this is such a great site, loving reading the stuff here.
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    Your Take on Water/Meth Injection On N/A Motor

    Would You install a Water/Meth injection kit to a N/A Car,
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    Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done?

    That was from inside out, Upgraded from T4 To T66 Turbo, Got a bit to exited While Waiting For the new spacer To arrive and over-boosted to 1.8 bar, Now busy with the rebuild, The car is a opel Superboss
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    Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done?

    The stupidest thing we have ever done looks like this,
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    Who makes the best air filters

    here we got the oem's, cheap no names, K&N, BMC and king dragon so i go for the BMC After-market, Lasts the longest and gives decent tones.
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    Removing oil filters

    best way i have find works quick is an old cam belt and spanner, works 90 % of the time, for the other 10% ill go with the screwdriver and hammer.
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    welcome, home, ' this is truly an amazing forum,hope you will enjoy it as much as im going to.
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    Hi there

    thanks for the warm welcome, i just hope i can help as much as i can see i will be learning, really great stuff and people here.
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    General engine tuning tips (VERY General)

    the biggest power gain i have had on my 1.6 with a single modification was gas flowing my head.
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    cars which are easy to tune ? ...

    i would say anything with a carburetor,
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    Ignition map?

    the problem i got is i brought this piggy back because it is an amazing system, i spoke to the tuner in my home town before i brought it and he said he can tune it, after spending almost 3 hours on the dyno he said its right, i took it for a drive and it was less responsive than it was befor, so...
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    Ignition map?

    it the TPS 0 to 100%
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    Ignition map?

    Hi guys, after looking around i think this will be the best forum to ask this question, i had a piggy-back system added to my astra 1.6, and had it tuned, looking at the ignition map it looks a bit odd to me, could i ask if you guys also think there is something wrong there or is it ok, sorry...
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    Hi there

    Hi there guys what an amazing forum, going to enjoy it here.

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