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    I have been offered a mgzt 2.5 v6 I understand there is a squeak form a possible pulley/tensioner/alternator is it an easy cure? Could I just lubricate it or do I have to replace?
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    Rover 825 tire rub on Anti-Roll bar

    You may find your tyre is the wrong ice or the offset is out, are the wheels/ tyres after market or standard on car? Tyres may be too wide try thiner tyres
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    Rover 620si

    If you want roar from your exhaust go to mr tyre they can make them to what roar you want
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    Peugeot 207 Alloy Wheels & Tyres ??

    the fitment you ned are 4x108
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    wheels and tyres

    i have two different sets of alloy wheels for sale, one set will fit a rover 800/600 and also will fit certain 4 stud volvos, the other set will fit a number of different cars. The rover/volvo alloys i have 5, they are 215/45/17 i would like £150 ono for them. The others are also 4 stud they are...
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    I do not have budget at the moment but for starters I was thinking of a performance air filter and a performance exhaust from cats back, what sort of bhp will be attchived form this and a remap. I believe it should be about 168 bhp at present
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    What is the most my 2.5 v6 24v can be turned to bhp wise
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    Mk 2 Mondeo

    do you have a front and back bumper for sale as mine are bkoke
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    my mondeo

    Hi I'm David John, my present car is a golden yellow mondeo 1997, I had a nice bodykit on it until some nonce forced me over a kerb on broke one of my sideskirts, I'm going to get it repaired & put back on when I have some money.

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