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  1. mycarmer

    New Bee say's Gidday...

    Thanks a lot :)
  2. mycarmer

    How to sabotage a car undetected

    I wouldn't want to experience that. But there are those who believe that they can splash out howler negativity on the car. In YouTube a lot of videos there are angry ladies who crumble a car or a stick or an axe or kicks.
  3. mycarmer

    How often do you clean your car then

    It depends on the condition of the car. Sometimes I wash my car once a month, sometimes it's more common.
  4. mycarmer

    Hi from Ecuador

    I was in Bulgaria and Greece last summer. I rented a car. There were no new roads in the car navigator. I was on my way from Sofia to Thessaloniki.
  5. mycarmer

    W124 E220 coupe engine conversion

    Tell me what decision you made?
  6. mycarmer

    MoT failed, needs a new front cross member...

    Wow. How could this happen? Have you ever monitored the front cross member?
  7. mycarmer

    Who has had any post licence training ?

    I was also trained in the winter. It was important for me to understand the rules of driving in snow and ice conditions on the road
  8. mycarmer

    Overview Maserati Levante

    The Maserati Levante is Maserati's first attempt at an SUV. Levante is based on the Ghibli/quattroporte platform. Over the past year, the car has been slightly updated with new bumpers, finishes and a new engine. That’s a 350bhp version of the 3.0-litre twin turbo V6 petrol that already saw...
  9. mycarmer

    I'm looking for reviews of the Mercedes Benz GLS Class

    I'm looking for reviews of the Mercedes Benz GLS Class What are the benefits of this model? I'm considering a Mercedes Benz GLS Class to buy. Outwardly I liked the design. But how much the car will be comfortable for family trips. I now have an old model car, 2010. I want to buy a new car.
  10. mycarmer

    Has Corona virus affected your travel plans

    I cancelled my trip to France. It was supposed to be a trip to Disneyland near Paris.
  11. mycarmer

    I want buy car???

    Choosing a car is the choice of the owner.
  12. mycarmer

    Marc07's Window Tinting Tips

    I have factory tinted glass. I don't like black glass. This impairs visibility on the road
  13. mycarmer

    Light or dark leather car interiors

    I've got eco-skin in my car. The color is black
  14. mycarmer

    Are AMG and Brabus owned by Mercedes

    Mercedes-Benz is a German global car brand and division of Daimler AG
  15. mycarmer

    Have you done any styling mods

    I put on the scales and changed the headlights
  16. mycarmer

    Volvo S40 2.0d tuning project

    Tell me why you decided to do a tuning project? What didn't suit you?
  17. mycarmer

    Hello to every one on this forum!

    What fuel consumption do you have in winter?
  18. mycarmer

    Modify 2007 Audi A8 3.0 TDi quattro

    Is this permissible according to the manufacturer's specifications?
  19. mycarmer

    New Bee say's Gidday...

    Hello. I'm quarantined at home, too. I work remotely. Children learn online. What are you doing with the car?
  20. mycarmer

    20' Plate Aygo Tuning

    You need to decide what you want to improve. Now there are many different types of weights. It's not cheap
  21. mycarmer

    Hi from Ecuador

    Navigator is an important part for travel. It is important that the cards are relevant.
  22. mycarmer

    Best colour for a car

    I have a white car. My previous car was silver.

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