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    Some diesels will be collectors items soon

    I had to part with it, handling was amazing, the way it pulled around corners! I've been missing out. I gone to a 1.6 focus now with the yam engine, I've had the puma twice lol.
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    Peugeot 407 project

    Hi just got a 57 plate 407. I think it's the 136bhp 2.0d. 5 door gray. It needs new flywheel alternator and w/p cambelt change. It's on 217000 but it drives nice, I like the way the car behaves in a turn, it pulses power into the front wheels and you can feel it pulling you around the corner! A...
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    Some diesels will be collectors items soon

    Mine so I get a decent profit
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    407 Newbie

    Hi just came upon this site while researching the pug 407. Hopefully looking for someone to change my DMF and do a cambelt/waterpump change at the same time.

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