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    Saddler's VI

    I got the car with the mods already on.. and it eats tyres due to the grip.. Im not drifting it.. i more into my detailing..
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    Saddler's VI

    Cheers.. yes its fun but the handling is just something else..
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    Saddler's VI

    Hi some of you may know i owned a very Nice GTI-R.. But i got a offer on it that i just could not turn down,, and now its a toy in a collection.. So with a good friend selling him nice Evo 6 i just have to have it as my next project...
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    Pulsar gti-R

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    Pulsar gti-R

    just update this Tien EDFC Now fitted New clocks fitted with silver auto illusion clocks to match seats.. And also fitted a Apexi Neo fuel controller.. Thants it sorry..
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    Pulsar gti-R

    Sorry i have not been around.. most of last year was taken up with me organising the Pulsar Gti-R 20th Anniversary Day at Silverstone.. Thankfully my hard work paid off and the day was a great success with the biggest turn out ever with cars coming from as far as ireland,Scotland,isle of...
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    Apexi safc 2

    Apexi SAFC 2 D1 Imamura limited version £130 inc postage
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    New project..

    no but the christmas tree tree is..:bigsmile: trust me waynne im sooo unlucky :confused: just not this time..:amazed: also done some digging around and the colour is the rare one..
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    New project..

    I have not started it yet.. as i will need to check all the levels and turn it over with the plugs out to make sure there is oil....the only thing thats wrong with it is the rad needs replacing..every think else is ok..
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    New project..

    The pulsar is going into storage.. so i can spend some time on this.. just found my best car find to date.. got talking to one of the builders who is doing some work on my house.. He told me his dad had one of them toyota rally cars thats been sitting in his garage for over 6 years. . it...
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    Pulsar gti-R

    8-) cheers ben...
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    A mini video

    bike power
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    My S2000

    V-Nice tool....
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    Discoloured plenum

    depending where you are.. i can polish. chrome , powder coat and anodising..
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    Pulsar gti-R

    Sorry Lads not been online for some time..:embarrest: took my pulsar off the road again to do some more modifications... First job was to update the clocks.. i also cleaned up the rear intake plenum i prepared and polished all the work myself due to...
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    >>>>project nova!<<<<

    Good luck with the project...
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    Inventing new car model names

    A new big wheeled off roader. > mitsubishi Wag A new family car > Ford shopago A sports coupe > Nissan GTAHHHH A brand new Ferrari > Farrari phallic :lol:
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    What cars would you like to see remade?

    New Model GTI-R
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    Pulsar gti-R

    Im not to sure yet.. JAPANESE TUNING SHOW 2009 @ Silverstone is one im going to be attending,,
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    Info on sound system

    Im going to try and build up my ice..:bigsmile: but the problem i realy dont have a clue.. :embarrest:lol Im ok electrical side of it..but where speakers need to be positioned and the best products to get is where i get lost..:blink: this is my boot&parcel shelf .. i would like to put 2 12"...
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    Pulsar gti-R

    Cheers lads, always best to have ago yourself !!
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    Pulsar gti-R

    well its almost done... i got quoted £1300 to trim door panels and rear seats to match.. so with some leather from a fiat punto i got to work trimming the door cards myself stripped the leather off the fiat panel and got a m8 to sew the leather.. then i cut and glued it to match the pulsar...
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    Pulsar gti-R

    Just to say thank you for a the great comment.. It realy is a inspiration to complete this project.. Regards jon
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    Pulsar gti-R

    Well it took me 3 days to fit these seat.. due to the crazy floor pan on the pulsar.. well after many F-words i made these from the stock runners,, Well worth the time spent.. Rear seats should be with me on tuesday and door trims are booked in.. Also got these for my I.C.E...
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    Pulsar gti-R

    No yet as im making up the seats frames due to the pulsar having a unique floor pan Konig the seats maker wanted £150 each :sad2: should be posting the pics friday..!!:D
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    Pulsar gti-R

    cheers lads i post as soon as they go into the car..
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    Hi, evoIII owner here

    Welcome the evo 3 is my favorite
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    Pulsar gti-R

    just a little update.. My project for this year was to kick out my interior so i got collection of these.. just have to wait 8 weeks to fit them as the gtir is a special fitment..:(
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    Fiat punto gt leather

    V-Nice bit of kit..
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    Cosworth YB power to the people.......

    owned both 2wd and 4wd cosworth's Amazing Cars..
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    How clean is your car now?

    Mine is udercover so outside is 2 inside 5
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    M.o.t exhaust noise

    Looks like from next year this test is going to be included for the M.O.t test..:mad: Im not to sure the levels but its got a chance most straight through exhaust systems will be affected,,, Anybody heard about this.. as another member on a forum was told by a mot tester that from next year his...
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    Complete install for sale

    link dont work
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    Is 4WD dead

    I agree.. but only ford are trying to fob buyers off to think 300bhp fwd with quaife gizmo kit is going to work,,, :sad2:
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    Is 4WD dead

    WRC Rules Killed 4wd Due to car manufacturers no longer needing to homologate there cars to enter rally,, Ford have realy lost my support as i was a real big ford fan but sorry to say this ford has put profits before customers,, Rs = Rally sports = Rally focus = 4wd road car = 2wd...
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    Engine conversion specialists

    Sev garage Bilston ,Wolverhampton.. These lads are awesome. pm and i will pass there number onto you,,
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    Swift Gti Seats

    Swift gti seats.. this seat design was sold the suzuki from Recaro.. there are in A1 condition... £50.00 for both I did a test fit to my pulsar to show what these look like in the car..only selling due to change of trim..
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    If The Stig Borrowed Your Car...

    Now i know why..:blink1:
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    If The Stig Borrowed Your Car...

    I cant understand why the top gear track has not been opened up for track days or to test you lap times..Im sure there would be a massive interest and a good money maker for the owners..
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    How often do you wash your car and what products?

    I never wash the complete car.. i always clean a panel at a time.. i only ever use dodo juice.. the stuff is simply amazing.. hits well above is weight,,

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