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    TSX into Accord

    Hi there, I have a Graphite Pearl MY06 Honda Euro Luxury with the OEM Modulo Body Kit and an M3 type Trunk Lid Lip Spoiler. I have also just fitted a Euro R Grille that everyone so far say looks really neat. Previously I leased a Silver MY06 Euro Luxury with OEM Body Kit. They are beautiful...
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    Our Baleno GTX

    Thanks for the comments. Yep we liked the plates when we first saw the car too.
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    Our Baleno GTX

    Thanks for the comments mate. I use the car a little but my daughter drives it mostly. She is often asked what it is. The fact that it is debadged contributes but a lot of people, like you, say they thought the Baleno only came as a hatch. I like the car myself and enjoy driving it when I get...
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    Our Baleno GTX

    Thanks for the comment. Appreciate them. The Tyres are Antyre 205/45 R16. They were reasonably priced and for the ks my daughter does seem to be doing a good job. I think the wheel tyre combo really sets off the car.
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    Our Baleno GTX

    Hi there, Here are acouple of pics of our Suzuki Baleno GTX that I mentioned in my intorduction to the site. Let us know what you think.
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    Hi there

    Hi there, Just joined today. I share a Suzuki Baleno with my daughter. Its a white debadged and lowered GTX 5 speed manual with full body kit and 16 inch BSA wheels with 205/45 tyres. Its a neat little car and not many people seem to know what it is. My daughter is always getting asked about...

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