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    Transmission modifications?

    Happens to the best of us
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    Drewtech CarDAQ-Plus 2 J2534-2 Passthru w/Dell Lattitude E7270 Laptop

    Item For Sale: Drew Technologies CarDaq-Plus 2 with Dell Lattitude E7270 Laptop Price: $1350 Location: Akron, Ohio Condition: Excellent, lightly used Description: Selling my Drew Technologies CarDAQ-Plus 2 J2534-2 Passthru with Programming laptop. Both are in excellent condition with...
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    Economical Performance Upgrades for 2021 Kia Forte GT (Turbo)

    I apologize flying train, I skipped over your post pretty quickly and didn't catch too many of the details about your experience. One thing that's possible with a brand new vehicle is ECU tuning. You can program/tune an engine control unit to meet your desired needs, whether you want better...
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    Transmission modifications?

    Sure there are: Transmission Coolers Transmission coolers allow for lower temps, and longevity. Keeping the temps low are what allow a transmission to last longer. If you tow, use your car for taxi/delivery purposes (doordash and uber drivers, that's you) do mountain driving (think Colorado...
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    Kia Stinger Twin Charging ????

    I have to second this. It has twin turbos already. Why would you want to switch to superchargers, potentially a huge endeavor, (very expensive and potentially might not work as intended) when it already has something comparable installed and working?
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    One thing you can do is start with research, for sure. Watch others do it first so you can avoid making the mistakes they made. This one is pretty entertaining, watching these boys install a cheap turbo kit and an expensive turbo kit. The unexpected problems they run into (with the cheap...
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    Economical Performance Upgrades for 2021 Kia Forte GT (Turbo)

    There's an unfortunate reason that most of these questions go unanswered, and I'll help you out by going through them with you. The main key reason is because what you are asking isn't feasibly possible. The first issue is that you are driving a 2021. Brand new cars do not have many...
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    Thinking of getting into modding

    Before you get into modding, Get REALLY good at repair. Regular repair. IMO that is a step you cannot skip. If you don't know how to repair really well, you aren't going to be very good at making modifications. Because unlike repair (to OEM specs), when it comes to modding, there isn't...
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    Installing a twin turbo is like a $4,000-$10,000 job. There is no cheaper way to do it. Watch these guys install a turbo and understand that even them: with a FULL shop with lifts, degrees from automotive training institutes, and a flow of money from their show, along with 8 or so guys to help...
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    2009 Toyota Camry 2.4L 2AZFE

    You need to find a tuning shop near you. Any proper tuning shop with a dyno can perform a proper tune for you. That is the proper way to tune: on a Dynamometer with proper programming/diagnostics setup hooked up and proper software, knowledge and expertise about how to do the tune. There is...
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    Please I need help with my n46 bmw 320i e90 2005. PLS READ

    You are likely going to need some further diagnosis at this point, a proper shop with OEM-level scan tool or something like that can help you diagnose, maybe. If you know someone who has some expertise in this area (has a scanner and has the knowledge) you can get his figured out. But at...
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    Hi All, happy to be here.

    I'm a guy with a stock Kia Forte from Ohio, but I work on it all the time. It might be a Kia, but it probably has one of the cleanest, rust-free undercarriages you'll ever see in Ohio.

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