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    Uprated discs and calipers

    Hi again all, I was wondering if there are kits out there for uprating the brake discs and calipers. I drive a vtec h22a - bb4 which I use for sprints. Also which is the best way to go for suspension tune up. I have Koni adjustable at the moment but the car does dip and dive quite a bit even at...
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    Brakes - advice required

    Hi, thanks for your reply. My problem is not necessarily sourcing, more a question of which manufacture and which specific type. If you have any suggestions I would be grateful. Thanks Ash
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    Brakes - advice required

    Hi, I currently have a H22A, BB4. I have been using up until now, mintex extreme pads and standard discs. I have come to change them and it appears I cant get these any more without specially ordering for an exorbitant price. Could anyone recommend, from experience a good quality disc and pad. I...
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    Hello, fellow petrol heads

    Hi all, My name's Ash, I'm new. I have a Honda Prelude 2.2 vtec that is the best value for money car I have ever bought (and i've gone through a few). I got the car in 2006 to enter the Scumball rally (a car under £1000). It did the event in Aug 2007 including 10 laps of the Nurburgring...

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