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    Which Saloon???

    I found the merc is less powerful unless your looking at a C350. I have a 2.0 an Audi cabriolet which i had remapped and was very pleased with it, I've now given that to the wife and went and bought a BMW 330d M Sport. The BMW is superb, powerful and very good on the juice, average 50 mpg easy...
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    Need an economical car that is fun

    BMW 330d test drove one of these, great drive and very quick too.
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    Cone Air Filters

    Cheers for the reply guys.
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    Cone Air Filters

    It sat down the left hand side so no doesn't have a direct path.
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    Cone Air Filters

    Hi All, I have an Audi A4 2006 2ltr tdi, it has been re-mapped but I still think it lacks a bit of guts at top end. Would a cone air filter do the job, at the moment I have a piper cross panel filter. Cheers

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