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  1. Quicksilver

    Hello everyone from Steviebear

    Not sure about Porsche, but check to see if there are under body strut braces for front and rear for your, they help prevent chassis flex and and help the car when under load, worked beautifully on my Lancia. ;)
  2. Quicksilver

    Focus RS

    Very nice Ash, I have never changed my cars as much over the last 12 mths, looks like you keep em clean too, all of them are damn fine. ;)
  3. Quicksilver

    Hi All.

    Alreet Pete ;-)
  4. Quicksilver

    90-94 mercury capri

    Welcome pal ;-)
  5. Quicksilver

    Saying "Hello".

    Welcome pal, some nice metal you got there. ;)
  6. Quicksilver


    Welcome pal, some sorted upgrades you got there, sorry don't know your name. ;)
  7. Quicksilver

    Which cars

    Delta Integrale (Martini livery bias lol) Road Spec Skyline R35? Maybe an F1 car ?
  8. Quicksilver

    hello, just found this forum :)

    Welcome pal, good choice of new car. ;)
  9. Quicksilver

    introduction to the forum

    Welcome aboard mate... ;)
  10. Quicksilver

    Just bought another Cosworth :-)

    Rod your still the man.... :blink1:
  11. Quicksilver

    Just bought a Cosworth

    Re: Just bought another Cosworth :-) Rod your still the man.... :blink1:
  12. Quicksilver

    What car to buy..?

    Ek9 ?
  13. Quicksilver

    Quick Hello

    Welcome mate, get some pics up of the car, let's have a gander? ;)
  14. Quicksilver

    Hello People....

    Still siffting through alot of the posts, a more sensible set of, petrolheads and busy too, love it ! :)
  15. Quicksilver

    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    That is one of the Forza 4 collection this time, 72 skyline. ;)
  16. Quicksilver

    Hello People....

    Thanks alot T9, ;) my lads made up now, as he can drive it on Forza4.... just got White Monte Carlo's to fit now, should look the buisness. :)
  17. Quicksilver

    Hello People....

    Thanks to my little lad and that model he wanted, I know own a Integrale Evo 1, Spose I can't complain though. :)
  18. Quicksilver

    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    Tommy Mak Evo 6 Subaru 22B Skyline GTr R34 V Spec Evo 8 FQ400
  19. Quicksilver

    Which tuning company?

    nice one mate,glad you sorted,the rule i was told is to get your car tuned by company that tune your particular car,then look who get better power gains for your particular engine.:blink1:
  20. Quicksilver

    What is the best looking Toyota

    My wifes Rav...well she said it. :lol: No this without doubt. 8-)
  21. Quicksilver

    Who is the best motorsport driver

    Some may Senna was an agressive driver too,ask Mansel,what Senna would not do to get a win,but also a very tallented driver,you have got to be looking at Sebastien Leob in WRC, 7 straight world titles in a very demamnding motorsport. :D So i would say Leob for me. ;)
  22. Quicksilver

    Best ways to save weight??

    Just spotted Corsa Irmscha near your sig,:lol: now come on what you got then. :confused:
  23. Quicksilver

    Best ways to save weight??

    This depends how far you want to go with it,what you want to with your car ? Track it?, Fast Road? thought the mx 5 was pretty light to start with, soft top and all that, or or thinking go-kart light? Think you can get aluminium bonnet for the mx 5,but wont be cheap,but will shead you a few...
  24. Quicksilver

    Car Insurance

    with another years NCB i have just managed to get mine back to what i was paying last year on this years renewal. :sad2:
  25. Quicksilver

    Back with a new car.

    Talk about hybrid look,i can see Skyline,Evo and Nissan 350Z,looks a proper animal. :blink1:
  26. Quicksilver

    Hello People....

    Yep you got it mate,been digging for info on some model cars for the little lad,:embarrest: and me :lol:,the focus really up for much modding,lowered with stiffend springs,chipped,all fast tarmac spec.
  27. Quicksilver

    Hello People....


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