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    The wire wheels comeback

    eww spinners! just nooooo :)
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    This is what im thinking, Style Terms

    nothing wrong with pink! haha i was using it as an example :P but you get my drift, with regards to the wheels anthracite with orange would look nice.
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    The wire wheels comeback

    wire wheels bah! all about the w-race slot mags! There back! sweet looking wheels, the wire wheels personally looks good on a 300c, old school like c180's and strangly good on mini's
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    This is what im thinking, Style Terms

    Orange has been done over and over! Try a new colour? Something a bit out there like I dunno, bright pink/carbon?
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    Any spoiler fans?

    Not a fan of spoilers never have never will tbh
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    Stretched tyres

    Not a fan of the tyres, I think if you stretch too far it becomes illegal
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    Advice on completely upgrading interior?

    All you need is an ignition button, best thing ive ever done!
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    favourite color for cars

    Yellow! My guilty pleasure on the right car yellow makes it look something else. Also a biggggggg fan of light blue's
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    The Mods You Hate, But Secretly Want

    for me, its lowering, i just dont like the really low low vehicles, but id love to drop mine 60mm :P
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    For show use only

    damnn, ive never seen those before anyone got few more? Seems interesting all new to me and i sell wheels lol
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    For show use only

    ive nver seen an alloy marked as show use, anyone got links?
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    Bucket Seats And 3dr Cars

    corbeau bucket seats are the ones i have top quality and it can be custom!
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    Sunny day, just right for cleaning

    washing up liquid on the rims sorts it out! i do that too mine keeps em looking brand new, with regards to the car, i get it done by a car wash haha
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    How loud do you play your Music?

    Keep it moderate on normal roads but when its just you or late at night LOUD orrr if its a tune you like lol
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    Bigger rear wheels

    question why does not putting a larger size put more rubber on the road? Surly if your on a 205 a 225 has more rubbber?
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    How do you choose your wheels?

    how much are the bbs weighing in at? I know the pro race range from team dynamics are damnn light too!
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    What Alloys look nicest?

    oii! lol basildon is a lovly place >.> hm.. I work with the wheels and have seen most in the flesh just think the motion 2 would be nice, each to their own tho
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    How clean is your car now?

    mines a 4 its alright enough said haha
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    tyres rubbing wheel arch??

    ET for beginners tells you how far into or out of the wheel arch the wheel sits, spacer is only really needed when there is large rubbing otherwise a small 5mm shim is all you need!
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    How low DARE you go?

    1/4 is the lowest! seems every time i fill up everyone is closed haha so i never go below 1/4
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    What Alloys look nicest?

    Would deffo go for the motion 2's cheap, look nice and the pin stripe isnt as large as it seems in the pic so it doesnt have tha over modded look for an under modded car
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    should these wheels fit my car?

    could go for a smaller tyre size if there is rubbing and to make the car hub larger just ring it to the size of the wheel!
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    Bigger rear wheels

    This is mainly for the whole "look at my ass" look lolive seen people running 10" rear on a mk4 golf and a 8.5 on the front only really for looks. Prehaps staggering tyre sizes will have more benefit if your slapping more rubber on the road?
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    How do you choose your wheels?

    as you probably seen my STVI post, i chose them through looking at the jap look and trying to find soemthing that would look like this that would cost a bombshell, the rota wheels are very nice would reccomend tbh havnt had too much experience with bbs!
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    Inovit STVI

    Thanks Turbo! ill enjoy my stay im sure! so far everyone is so helpful on my issue! Thanks guys knowledge is power!
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    Inovit STVI

    hmm very similar arn't they just cant find another similar wheel for inovit stvi price, reason there sold out its cos there so cheap lol the volks are like 1.7k!
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    Inovit STVI

    hmmm first things first, hi T9 man! thanks for the hello lol :) next thing, the volk racing? Rays? I've heard of rays but who are volk? are they better/worse quality than the STVI? Are a lot of people woh want the STVI gonig for the rays or volks? Thanks for the info so far guys really...
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    Inovit STVI

    Sounds like a good idea, but really I would like them to be brand new may be an option in the future do you even know what sort of wait were looking at for these wheels? Seems to be every man and his dog want them!
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    Inovit STVI

    HI! Im all new to this, but anyway, I have a 1998 Subaru WRX and im looking for 17" Inovit STVI finished in white or gunmetal, but everywere I try says they dont have them. Does anyone know were I can get these? Or were I can get a similar looking wheel? PLEASE HELP!!!!! I am desperate for...

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