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    Toyota Celica 1.8, 140bhp, 2000reg - NEED ADVISE!

    but my anyone pays out for a celica t-sport amazes me when the corolla t-sport has same engine and horese its way cheaper!! toyota sold a compressor t-sport from 04 on i think.hitting in at 215-225 horsepower. a supercharger in it plus loads of tasty tte bits as standard!!
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    my corolla t-sport

    and my old rolla..bird has it now but its still mine.......
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    corolla t-sport

    so a piggy ban k ecu although usefull not really recommended wayne???
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    corolla t-sport

    the lotus ecu sounds tempting........if i win the lotto!!hahaha!! piggy bank ecu's.......can ya tell me more wayne....... the bolt on nitrous sounds very tempting.......investigation called for there...... many thanks for the help a look at...
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    Another newbie from across the pond!

    bloody hell......look who it is!!!
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    corolla t-sport

    i do think that my car is fast nad powerfull man!!will give an type r a hell of a go any day!!and thats a 2l vtec!! as for rempapping they say the 2zzge is too sensitive an engine to re map....westward in ireland have said there is nothing they can do to tune it and i cant get a revo remap for...
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    corolla t-sport

    lowering the this a big and expensive job???changing cams involves alot of work from wat i have a sports exhaust do you just mean a bacl box or a ss from mniflod back????
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    corolla t-sport

    its a 2003 t-sport with the 1.8 vvtl-i engine in has a 6 speed as standard and 190 brake.....same engine as the celica t sport
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    Stop your windows from misting up.

    nice one car is chronic for it..............have to use damn air con to clear it.....any particular brand of shampoo???
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    corolla t-sport

    any one got one of these beasts????mine is standard at the minute but looking to tune it skightly and was wondering has any one here done it?? these cars are rare in ireland,mine is an ex uk plate
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    newbie from ireland here!!!!!!!!!!

    hey,fran here from the emerald a 2003 t-sport corolla and am a moderatr on an irish cruise site........

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