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    My car smells of chips

    a nice bit of perfume :)
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    Hi Hayley you're back

    yeah they are really cheap now, no i haven't driven one, been in mates celica gt4 drives like a dream though. Just a chef, just put the hours in and it pays quite well.
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    Hi Hayley you're back

    haha, yeah ill prob settle for the gsi 150bhp plenty for me :)
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    Hi Hayley you're back

    yeah i like the supras too, been workin loads so can finally afford something with power (ish) lol.
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    Hi Hayley you're back

    aww my own thread cheers wayne, glad all is well with you. Haha ok i admit it the astra is not stealth at all its quite in your face :) Hi coupe :) erh no prince i hate them, either a supra or celica can't decide which one.
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    Hi Hayley you're back

    Re: How do you judge a man heya yeah its going good thanks, im selling it though and getting either a gsi 2 litre or a toyota turbo thing. hows things your end.
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    How do you judge a man

    Bit of both, from looking round here though most of them are all chavvy racers bar the odd few , no matter what they drive a van or a 106. most blokes like to show off.
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    Have you seen an 2009 plate car yet?

    I've seen loads
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    Do you learn from your mistakes

    I've only had near misses with crashes, part from the other week when i was being an idiot and went over a mound n landed in a bramble bush, But i do try to learn from my mistakes, unfortunatly it only seems to last a couple weeks.
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    astra 1.4 tints or not

    the white car one, that would look good.
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    stupid stickers

    I just remembered someone rearranged the badge letters on my brothers old escort... E S C O R T to S C R O T E :lol::lol:
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    WOW!!! Didn't realise you could get ones like that, think I'm going to have a look for them!! Cheers TN
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    astra 1.4 tints or not

    wht colours your car?
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    stupid stickers

    I saw on the back of a windscreen the words Tax tested and Motd with all tick boxes and then the words police harrased with a tick box! chavtastic! Oh and another sticker on a back windscreen, " lower than your grans nipples" oh ive jsut realised im not a new member hahaha
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    Colour Combinations

    Gold and black would look nice together,
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    yes turbo nutter thats my fav too the blue purple pink flip, if only i had the money to do it!!
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    Yeah front tints are illegal, but ive never been stopped for mine, so maybe just stick with the light ones on the front.And maybe a little bit darker on the back. i think it looks silly with hardly not tint on the front and then completely black at the back unless the car is black.
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    My windows are already tinted, but they've just got a light smoke all round. So there not exactly tinted, baring in mind the cars red, how dark do you think i should go all round?
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    Tigra mods

    get yourself onto they have loads of stuff like this for all vauxhalls includin tigras. You'll find nearly all those parts on here. If you find the price a bit expensive look on ebay for the same stuff, it will be cheaper. Irmscher stuff goes really well with vauxhalls.
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    Do bodykits create agression in other drivers

    I dont think its really anythin to do with bodykits, unless I see some chav in a 50ft wide kit then i will go out of my way to not let them through. People always let me through tho, probably as I'm a girl and "woman drivers" wouldn't possibly get through that gap.
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    your thoughts??

    i think its a bit overpriced imo
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    First Car?

    I had a peugeot 306 1.9 turbo sounded like a tractor, only had it for a few months, was quite fast though and was a good runner.
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    Lovely car Cen, cant go wrong with a merc, my mate has the kompressor, drives and handles like a dream. The reiger kit is nice, you done right by the bumper, as the whole kit is very boy racerish too outstanding. I've got the reiger rear bumper on mine.
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    What is your best ebay bargain

    got lots of irmscher stuff cheap as no one seems to know how to spell it, a rear bumper, side skirts and an exhaust all brilliant makes for £100. And some other random stuff like really bright light bulbs for pennies cant beat a bargain from the bay.
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    New Mini cooper or Mrk4 Golf

    go for the golf!
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    body kits

    :lol::lol::lol: same round here hdi!!
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    Which exhaust!!!

    a remus centre section and back box, will be quite loud. Irmscher looks nice but its quite quiet, how about a scorpian or sportex one?
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    Engine conversion???

    Yes do it, that'll be an emmense car, I want the gsi turbo for my next car 280 bhp FTW!!! It probably wont be cheaper to buy the gsi as they aren't dropping in price 03 car your looking at 4,500. Look at the ones breaking on ebay, oh and look on AOC, theres always one breaking on there. Good...
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    I'm going to die moments

    I was over taking on a long straight road, went to overtake put it in fourth but it wouldn't go in to 4th tried coasting it but not enough power and a car came flying towards me, thank god the car i was overtaking sped up so i got bak on my side of the road before something bad happened. Had a...
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    corsa 1.0 12v v reg.

    go on corsa c uk you could get a bargain in the for sale forum
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    Hayleys Astra SXi

    I said I'm going for the stealth look, dunno what my car is at the moment. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    Car buying mistakes

    My brothers car set its self on fire in tescoes car park, think buying that one was a mistake!!! :lol: 4 of his cars have either busted or crashed, but they were rust buckets. we still laugh about them now.
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    Car buying mistakes

    Anything can go wrong with any car, mines never let me down. If you check it over properly before you buy, engine bay, good test drive etc then it helps a lot.
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    The Stig some say.....

    its old news! Was confirmed in the post crash report for hammonds jet car crash. Ben Collins was on record as being a test driver and advisor for Top Gear. In his Auto-Biography, Hammond mentions the stig being there. Happy reading!!! :lol:
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    The Stig some say.....

    it is ben collins, it was confirmed in the report of Hammonds jet car accident.
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    The Stig some say.....

    Its Ben collins from Bristol used to race Nascar Formula 3.
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    what can i do to my rover 25?

    What did you want to do? performance or styling or both?
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    The Stig some say.....

    Can't believe his identity has been revealed, we need a new character.
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    Back to the standard 14"!

    How on earth do you get 30 in first gear??? I get to about 22 and it starts juddering.
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    LED headlight kits

    No, no always do the Barnstaple one, by the pannier market. horses just make it up Porlock hill! Family also own a butchers down there, can't beat some home reared lamb.

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